Global National: Jan. 3, 2021 | Possible COVID-19 spike after the holidays cause for concern

On this episode of International Nationwide: With the vacations wrapped, well being officers are keeping track of Canada’s COVID-19 case numbers. Mike Armstrong …

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39 thoughts on “Global National: Jan. 3, 2021 | Possible COVID-19 spike after the holidays cause for concern

  1. Now, each and every individual knows EXACTLY who they are. And so do their families and friends. Too selfish to do the right thing? DO NOT tell me What you've done.

  2. LOLOL..I really, really HOPE Health Official's are NOT going to TRY to BLAME the 'public' for any NEW outbreaks as we have SEEN who the REAL culprits that ignore and flout the rules and those culprits are known as our POLITICAL LEADERS so DON'T GO THERE Health Official's bcuz our patience with this ABSOLUTE nonsense is growing very, very THIN!!!

  3. Apparently the government had 9 months and 100s of billions of dollars to prepare for a "global catastrophe" and, yet, they didn't prepare for anything and now the "hospitals are on the verge of collapse" with a few thousands people in ICU. People's anger should be directed at a government who squandered and completely mishandled resources forcing everyone in the country to lock themselves inside while the government continues to squandor 100s of billions more. How the hell is this "the greatest crises in modern history" and yet hospitals and care facilities are screaming for more resources, in one of the wealthiest countries in the world…with apparent unlimited financial resources (judging by CERB and seemingly unending thirst for lockdowns as if we can just keep printing money forever) and almost a year to prepare.

  4. Hey Global et all: How does it feel learning the very politicians who lambaste and shame us for traveling/hanging out with people, the ones whose propaganda you're pushing, saw fit to travel themselves in spite of the pandemic?

    This just discredits you even further. You're nothing but tabloid trash at this point.

  5. here's what i dont understand. boxing day the big box stores were full of people. so you cant spend time with your family but you can go to a store on boxing day and be surrounded by 100 random strangers.

  6. When it's anything restrictive – government knows everything – when you ask about virus and vaccine – they know nothing

  7. We're only human. None of us is perfect, and at one point we will slip, which has nothing to do about any party affiliation.

    The ones who don't believe, are just, honestly, I don't know what.
    What I know, is I have siblings, nephews and a nice in Europe, who ,let's say, believe in the non existence of the virus.
    About a week or 10 days ago, I got a call, that they are all have it. My sister, husband and one of my nephew and niece caugh it. Theyare, 25, and 27, parents 51 and 63.
    And they are not telling the authorities, eventhough 3 of them are very sick,but their excuse not to report it, is because they don't want to be told when and where they can go. if you have money there, doctors will show a blind eye..

  8. Media never mention the 99.75 % recovery from Covid…maybe they just want you to watch and don't care about telling the whole story.

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  10. We are always provided with the number of cases but not provided with the numbers WITH SYMPTOMS.
    Majotity of the people allover the Globe are practicing preventative measures, more than we were doing it in March/2020 when the Public Health Officers were telling us-" you don't have to wear a mask, unless you are a frontline worker or you are sick"…
    Now are wearing masks(beside all other measures) and we have an Explosion of Cases.!!!?
    The Public health officials must-
    Show us the STUDY!
    People are not denying the science, just… debating, looking for scientific evidence, so we can trust the systems!

  11. Government wont help… they speak to protect them .. but thats not the focus. They dont care .. they have never care

  12. Obvious discrepancies between the comments and "Likes", and now even omitting comments for key words. There's no "conspiracy" right?… just tyrannical governments in collusion to silence the Truth.

  13. And how accurate is the testing?
    one guy was tested four times.. two times he had covid ..two times he didn't have covid…. from the same facility… At the same time.
    Somehow the whole truth isn't being told.

  14. Now that the fake vaccines are out to counter the fake pandemic we need a new strategy to keep the sheep locked down and suppressed. These people are sick.. a pandemic with a 98%+ survival rate, that requires a test to know if you are sick or not, who's test (PCR) has tested kiwi fruit, a glass of cola and a goat 'positive' for covid… NOT a pandemic…. Wake up people!

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