Global National: Jan. 29, 2021 | Canada cancels all flights to Mexico, Caribbean

In our high story: Canada is warning those that are hoping for a March Break overseas that now shouldn’t be the time. The federal authorities introduced Friday it’s …

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32 thoughts on “Global National: Jan. 29, 2021 | Canada cancels all flights to Mexico, Caribbean

  1. If they were concern about the new variant. How come these flights from UK are still coming into Canada daily? Grounding all the Canadian airlines but these foreign airlines are still coming in to this country. Makes no sense

  2. Is it really? What is the prime minster trying to do is make Canadian poor and controlling us. We wear masks everyday and do extremely cautious when going outside. How long and why do we have to do this.? Stop oppressing us!!!

  3. For my apengin they should just stop this already before Canada is all the way down and have more faith in God that's all the need to do

  4. I have to disagree that just 1.4% of the cases of covid are attributed to international travel.. International travel is the cause of 100% of the covid cases. If the borders had been shut down when this was first detected, we would not be in this mess now.

  5. Tell people that they’ll have to self-quarantine with Doug Ford for 2 weeks. That should solve any desire for travel or rule-breaking.😊👍🏾

  6. What about the Calgary woman that tested negative before flying into Calgary and they shipped her off to quarantine anyway. Watch Rebel News for the truth. The MSM is lying to you.

  7. We are in a Communist system. Wake up. Rule for thee, not for me. The more we comply the more they take. Stop wearing masks. First it was one mask, now 2. Where is it going to end? With us in concentration camps for not complying? If you can't see the writing on the wall. You are blind. Enjoy your cell.

  8. Travel always has been a bad thing. If you're going to go somewhere, then move there and stay. Travel will be the end of our race. A five day tanning a beach leaves a thousand year footprint of carbon. Tourism needs to be stopped. Our wants are killing us. Other species do only what they need to. We have it so wrong.

  9. Remember, it was racist one year ago to ban flights to a place where majority aren't Whyte… interesting how things have changed since Trump is out.

  10. HAHAHA! Say the guy who left the country wide open since the beginning. If it was so bad, why it was wide open? People need to wake up, that has nothing to do with covid.

  11. Even though variants are usually regional specific, it doesn't mean that the virus cannot mutate the same way it mutates in different parts of the world, here. (Though I do understand that environment is a huge factor in the mutation occurrence)

  12. If it's about preventing the variants than why isn't he cancelling all flights to those countries that the variants originated? Simple: it's not about the variants. I mean, they'll use that as the excuse and the little sheep will believe it but this is about totalitarianism. We are losing our rights slowly everyday and one day they'll all be gone. That's how totalitarianism happens: slowly, then all at once.

  13. Humans are just a number. if they shot down those planes from China
    We would have no covid 19 and less people would die.
    What do you think?

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