Global National: Jan. 26, 2021 | Number of new COVID-19 variant cases in Canada grows

In our prime story: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau stated a lot of new measures round journey are being thought of as different international locations enact their very own with the …

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40 thoughts on “Global National: Jan. 26, 2021 | Number of new COVID-19 variant cases in Canada grows

  1. This arbitrary continued destruction of ONLY Canadian businesses must stop.

    Small Canadian owned stores must be close; foreign retailers are OPEN.
    Oil and gas allowed from Middle East and US, but not allowed out of Alberta.
    Travel and tourism for Canadians destroyed , funding of foreign airlines continues…
    Negative COVID tests are not enough, you MUST quarantine for 14 days.
    Schools must stay closed, so parents can’t work, government employees keep getting paid.
    Police “checking” on people to ensure they’re locked down, but not government restrictions.
    Citizens “ratting” out neighbours.
    Elderly locked in isolation.
    No vaccines, although we bought 3x what we needed for propaganda.

    Trudeau? Goes on vacation and promotes tree planting…

    If this doesn’t remind any one of 1930’s Germany, you better wake up and read a book.

  2. Today in the the news, "Censorious YouTube Removes Over 500,000 Videos Discussing COVID-19" Screw You Tube. Burn in Hell for all eternity collaborators, after you face what's coming in this lifetime. You all all murderers. Face it.

  3. GOD WHEN IS THIS GOING TO END (my house is full of masks ) and I’m glad I took a covid test yesterday and the results came in today we took two each so that we make sure and all where negative

  4. Hey look. Another fake rendering of a bluish green ball with sticky things coming out of it, to make you feel all gross and icky.

  5. There is one good thing that's come out of the coronavirus is that it's reminding people of there mortality and in doing so it might get some to think about the afterlife which the bible says there is hell and heaven and the bible says GOD is perfect and righteous and we know GOD exists because there has to be a creator of everything nothing cant create everything. and we know GOD want's morality because he gave us a moral understanding yet we still do things that are wrong such as telling lies lust hate greed ect therefore we need a savior which is Jesus Christ who was sent by GOD because he is also forgiving all we have to do is repent of our sins acts 17 30 and trust in Jesus Christ john 3 16 then GOD will give us eternal life in heaven as a free gift amen.

  6. In an article on the COVID vaccine rollout, CNN says that Americans
    shouldn’t be alarmed if people start dying after taking the vaccine
    because “deaths may occur that won’t necessarily have anything to do
    with the vaccine.”
    The advisory appeared in an article titled ‘Why vaccinate our most
    frail? Odd vote out shows the dilemma’ in which Dr. Kelly Moore,
    associate director of the Immunization…

  7. Why did the Trudeau government not provide financial support to Providence Therapeutics? The Canadian government gave Pfizer and Moderna millions of dollars in exchange for future deliveries of their vaccines but nothing for local companies?

  8. It will continue to mutate, even if you get a vaccine it will not stop you from getting Covid. Pandora's Box is wide open. Best defense is still to social distance, frequent hand washing and Masks. This is hardest for folks with family's and school age children. Don't lose heart.

  9. Wow covid looks good in blue and purple. Much better than that last red one. Or is that the new mutated version? 🤣 Or maybe it's pantone's color for 2021?
    Enough cgi… why don't you show us real photos of the virus?

  10. The interesting thing is there is no evidence (that I've seen reported or that I've found in half hearted searches of peer reviewed journal articles) that the new variants are actually more contagious. That their relative prevalence (relative to the other strains) among infections has increased, yes, but more infectious, no, and certainly not more harmful. Ironically, this should tip off conspiracy theorists that there is no conspiracy, because if there were, they would make it obvious that the variants are actually worse than the original instead of having ambiguous evidence. Unless they saw this comment coming of course.

  11. Travel since this started, should have been treated like getting a Visa you need approval for emergency travel and not for the sake of the airlines as they want the business and obviously don't care about the people.

  12. No protests are allowed anywhere for anything. Seems more and more it's cyber warfare and bio terrorism perpetrated by big business and government left with no choice. Sounds gay.

  13. Wow it's almost like these half assed "Lock downs" are doing next to nothing… Full lockdown or nothing. There's no half try.

  14. 2.1 million people have died from it, do you know any of them, I don't, or is this just a case of the media lying to us again


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