Global National: Jan. 22, 2021 | Trudeau facing fallout over Governor General's resignation

In our prime story: Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is dealing with fallout from the resignation of Gov. Gen. Julie Payette. Payette had been accused of making a …

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33 thoughts on “Global National: Jan. 22, 2021 | Trudeau facing fallout over Governor General's resignation

  1. IF CANADA'S SO BIG IT SHOULD STOP HIDING BEHIND ENGLAND AND SHOW IT. The main reason it doesn't is because hiding behind Britain has hidden benefits that makes life easier. ALSO, it was British people that built Canada. Anytime they wish to go they can go with a blessing.

  2. When are people gonna stop seeing the surface political topics to see the real hidden meaning. Getting rid of the governor general is a step to getting rid of any Great Brittain influence to usher in Chinese rule.

  3. sad part CDNs stupid enough to keep voting for feelings over reason, form over substance, more of the same useless political class, same comic book governance, same mediocrity, same banal corrupt rule that the arrogant Liberals have subjected us to since many years now, the apple isn't even from the same forest as father was, son is a snake in the grass,

  4. "fallout"??? he fired the all-party standing committee to select the GG and put in his own puppet, he's a dictator little different for all the other demagogues out there and she's the best evidence of how incompetent & corrupt he is, under PM blackface canada has become a mediocre backwater w zero allies, he always wears that stupid arrogant face,

  5. why isnt the Governor General being charged. 50 complaints!. If this was a male he would be by now charged. There were serious victims here.

  6. Have we checked on the bill for all the renovations this woman was making to her residence?? There was a big write up on this a while ago. Also the Trudeaus were doing renovations also…why aren’t we checking on this also?? The Trudeau family should be personally responsible for her pension and expenses. This is quite a bill for Trudeau’s mistake!! Let’s have an election so we can rid of Trudeau!!

  7. We the tax payers are always on the hook….The WORST part is she will receive a taxable annuity of…. WAIT for it…. $143242.00 a year FOR life! Salary: CA$288,900 annual for the governor general of Canada who is the federal vice-regal representative of the Canadian monarch. Why does Canada need a vice-regal representative for the monarch?

    If not , I can do the Job for 1/4 of $288900 per year. I'll even work from home!

  8. Trudeau has far worse things he has avoided fallout over, how's that " friendship" with Biden working out for Alberta? About the same as the rest of Trudeaus globalist policy

  9. 😳…We don't need the ole queen…she can collect her own beaver castors…..from her own swamp…ie eddy and charly…maybe evn cameli…go wallow….bring bucket…Trump knew thetruth about Trudeau…bidenz a croox like trudy

  10. If funny how two crook can get along to liberals we need to put the conservatives back in power put God in the presidents chair and allow God to control our government we the people need to speak up

  11. Global news is a disgrace! Trudeau is two-faced! what is wrong with Canada. Wake up these evil people are corrupt and deceiving you.

  12. This has been going on for years. On all levels. This "indignation" is so laughable. No one is held accountable for their deeds when it counts, but then everyone clutches their pearls when the deeds come to light to a broader audience. I guess that this person is the token one, to make everyone believe something is being done, but it will be back to business with the bad behaviour as usual.

  13. Maybe liberals can think out of the box and hire a qualified white male for a govt position. Certainly dont have one in Trudeau

  14. Teflon Trudeau. It’s never his fault but “we” have to do better. Scandal after scandal after scandal with no remorse, accountability or apology. Who votes for him ? Oh, I remember, people who are ok with 16-year-olds being buggered, charities not repaying money they did nothing for, letting Chinese flights land in Canada despite our borders being closed, playing “Old Black Joe” and a lack of ethics.

  15. The vetting process;

    Trudeau – "Get me a black trans, disabled, Syrian refugee, doctor who has tourettes but can still sort of hold it together enough to take pictures with the queen because err umm its 2015"

    Trudeaus staff- "We can get you an astronaut woman with a bit of an attitude problem"

    Trudeau- sigh, ok that will have to do. Its 2015 but clearly we have a long way to go

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