Global National: Jan. 2, 2021 | Anger rises as more Canadian politicians ignore COVID-19 guidelines

On this episode of World Nationwide: Canadians have been advised to keep away from non-essential journey in the course of the pandemic, so why aren’t politicians listening? As Seán …

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41 thoughts on “Global National: Jan. 2, 2021 | Anger rises as more Canadian politicians ignore COVID-19 guidelines

  1. Two things I can think of

    1) rules are for thee but not for me

    2) It may be an indication that the pandemic is not as serious as these cretins want us to think. They're supposed to be the ones in the know. Perhaps they know something we don't. It's funny that they've tried to squelch conspiracy theory claims but acts like these only fuel them more.

  2. Suddenly , Global News is reporting accurate news.
    A story about the dangers of Covid and you will see so many comments about Global News being controlled by elite left.

  3. They're always sorry after they get CAUGHT! Otherwise they could not care less about ignoring rules they tell the rabble to obey.

  4. I am LIVID. Canadians are livid. Stupid is happening all across this country in the government. SHAME SHAME SHAME on all of you!!!!
    How DARE you all think you are above the rules. How dare you post fake videos making it look like you are here while the waves crash behind you.
    People are dying – what does it take for politicians to get a clue!! And Ms Rempel – SAME TO YOU!! You sound like you are the only one that has made a sacrifice or not seen family. MY mother DID die alone — because this virus is still out there — but heh – you politicians got your f***g caribbean vacation. I can never hold my mothers hand to provide comfort during those last days – she is never coming back!!!

    Throw them all out. Bring down the hammer – control these entitled children – if you say it to the public – then the politicians MUST MUST toe the line. Doug Ford and all of the premiers – GET IT TOGETHER!! IS it going to take your mother, wife, or child to die because people are so selfish and entitled that this thing is running rampant? Oh well – that is what you expect us to suck up

  5. We all knew this would happen. You must think the Canadian public is stupid. Telling us to stay inside while you go and enjoy a luxury island. Completely evil.

  6. Canadian Politicians are above the law they made. It is OK. Why! Those rules are not full proof and troublesome they find it. Only use to bully and trouble the public, so they do not follow. Make sense! Very Logical! New Strain of viruses that appear since late November 2020 will definitely take care of it. Just be patience. Heaven is watching very closely on all bad and evil people according to prophecies…as interpreted…People take care in 2021!

  7. Now is the time to roll out the vaccine, why suddenly disappeared from the news? WHERE ARE THE VACCINES THAT YOU, POLITICIANS, says that vaccines are available? Where where where!?

  8. Media circus is relentless. To this day the media NEVER shows you ANY photos of this virus under the microscope. Just endless images of people in masks and so-called politicians imposing passive martial law in the guise of well meaning quarantine. As Walmart remains open for business. There are major cities in the world with dense populations where 99% do not wear masks and they are not dropping like flies. CANADA (all upper case letters) is a corporation traded on the NYSE, owned by the corporation QUEEN ELIZABETH II, posing as a Government. We never tell them what to do. They do what they want.

  9. Canada has cut back on their military !No way can they help very much !!!!!! Time Canada respected their military and invest much much more into their military in personnel and technology ! GO DO IT CANADA ! Bless your military. Z

  10. Entitled hypocrites. I wouldn't chance putting my family on flying covid spreader. Maybe they know something we don't.

  11. And don't forget to report your neighbors if you see any suspicious activity. We need more witch hunts to stop covid, this is the new normal.

  12. Going to see family should be allowed! Period end of sentence. BUT if you are telling people to stay home and lovking down, then you jet off for a beach vacation…that's different. That is tantamount to admitting that the virus is really not that bad. As I've always said anyway 😁

  13. This is more manipulation by the government, why do you think these politicians travelled, because there is some big pandemic ‘“please people” they went on purpose because they knew what the public’s reaction would be, now because the public is in a up roar, here comes the shining knights a.k.a our corrupt government to try eliminate travel period, Canadians please wake up. The fact these people travelled should be your first indication this whole thing is a complete sham.

  14. The government should fear the people not the people fear the government. Remember we place these fools in power. We can also take the power away if we band together.

  15. We have politicians who are nothing but hypocrites. Canadians are under lockdown, yet politicians travel as they please. If anyone in the public ends up with covid-19, I hold these politicians guilty, and if anyone citizens die, I consider these politicians to be murderers.

  16. Canadians are loosing their businesses and freedom, while these selfish swines feel entitled to travel abroad and enjoy their freedom. These senile politicians are not special, and conservative politicians are the worst.

  17. Why are people allowed to fly out of the country while the US border is still shut or can we leave it we're willing to fork over the price of an airline ticket out?

  18. It's a big joke our kids are at home doing online schooling there should be no travel at all businesses should be doing online business there is no excuse… We are doing our part why is the government not doing theirs Is there something they're not telling us??

  19. While majority of Canadians are buckling down with lockdowns and restrictions, contributing to the common good.

    These so called leaders who should be showing a positive example are going on vacation? It’s so shameful and a betrayal of those who voted for them, and the office they represent.

    Canadians expect and deserve more from our so called leaders, I don’t care what party they are in. Don’t cheat, don’t lie, be accountable for what you say and do… you know normal stuff.

  20. Alberta UCP politicians and staffers that travelled this winter holiday include:

    MLA Tracey Allard (Hawaii), MLA Tanya Fir (Vegas), MLA Jeremy Nixon (Hawaii), MLA Pat Rehn (Mexico), MLA Jason Stephan (Arizona), MLA Tany Yao (Mexico), Chief of Staff Jamie Huckabay (UK), press secretary Michael Forian (Hawaii), press secretary Eliza Snider (Hawaii).

    We isolated at home and having had a good family gathering in months.

  21. What do they know?
    They know they are getting full pay.
    They know they have a pension.
    They know they will not be investigated.
    We know there is more to the story🧐

  22. Alberta PC Party – Does the Party think that its members are entitled to do what they want, when they want?
    Hypocrites, Those that break the rules should be let go.
    Jason Kenny, it is time you grew a pair, take a stand that all Albertans will respect.
    I wonder if it is time to start voting for a different Party, other than the PCs ?? I have been voting PC, since Peter Lougheed !!
    I am getting fed up with the " I Am Intitled To This Attitude ", from the PCs.

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  24. They need to all resign. If doug ford told his finance minister to resign. So should others who broke the rules. All elected officials need to resign. Staffers are to be suspended and with no pay. It is fair. Nothing to do with illegal or not, it is being a good role model and be decent people. No one should be seeing family even if they live next door.

  25. These are people who are supposed to "lead" by example.
    Without hesitation, they should be fired, stripped of any severance and/or pension money and NEVER allowed to work in a government position again!!!
    There can be NO debate on this…it is long past due that these officials realize that they are not above the rules!

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