Global National: Jan. 10, 2021 | Quebec’s COVID-19 curfew is put to the test

On this episode of World Nationwide: Quebec’s month-long curfew is now in impact, in an try to curb its surge in COVID-19 circumstances. This makes it the primary …

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38 thoughts on “Global National: Jan. 10, 2021 | Quebec’s COVID-19 curfew is put to the test

  1. BOOO! Such garbage! Another new saying…THE NEW MODELLING! To me, this means they are falsifying the information they are giving us! Seems very questionable to me!

  2. The authorities “health advice” is literally making people suicidal, especially the vulnerable elderly locked-up like prisoners with zero contact from the outside. This is what’s known as group think and the madness of the crowd. It’s like being stuck in a nightmare that makes sense while you’re having it but when you wake-up it’s like, that was weird.

  3. IMO, there should be no in person classes right now in hot zones unless, they can meet outdoors only, weather permitting.💯

  4. The curfew protests looked pretty small. It’s a good idea. What is insane is sending kids and teachers/staff to school in person. Really? Push adults and kids into tiny rooms just so parents get free childcare? The vaccine is coming, kids can wait. Even if every kid lost 6 months of education, it would not kill anybody…

  5. this is mart ial law get ready to defend your house and family cuz they are coming to your doorstep next to take your kids good luck the holy father in yeshuas name is my vaccine against stupidity and tyranny there is no law anymore act accordingly your soul is at stake these demons are psycho

  6. Everything is covid covid and more covid, why is it nobody is catching the common cold, influenza ,bronchitis or phenomena this winter, hmmmmmm!!!!!!!

  7. So sick of white people and their entitlement…. make no mistake that white isnt bound by the color of your skin but by the state of your mind.

  8. Curfew from 8:00 pm to 5:00 am!!! , people already sleeping at this time !! That’s a joke and it won’t affect anything, actually it could increase the infection rates by pushing people for bigger crowds during daytime

  9. Solution to the LTC problem:

    Take care of your parents the way they took care of you. Stop abandoning your elders in those hell-holes, they don't deserve it.

  10. police in quebec are stupid as a bag of rocks, this is simply abuse of power under what is really martial law and the suspension of the consitution, have lost all respect for the the medical establishment and the political class, now it's simply a program to control people for no good reason since this virus is more or less a really bad flu, 99.9% of people who get it are fine, people are sheep to buy into this propaganda, Global Spews would censor this if they could,

  11. so it's de facto martial law then??? sure looks like it to me, they have suspended the constitution for a virus so deadly that it's hard to find anyone who knows anyone who's died from it, the consequences are that i now consider this pandemic to be a manufactured hoax when at its peak just 25% of ICU beds in ont. are full and 99.9% of people who get it are fine, the arrogance of these doctors and the campaign of fear they are waging is getting very tiring, welcome to Onscary-o where fear trumps reason every time,

  12. Disguiting, people are rushing and stores are packed cuz of reduced hours. Giving 1000$ + fines is disgusting and I have lost all respect for Police

  13. If Trump doesn't turn this around, welcome to communism. Montreal and Quebec have been ghost towns between 8 pm and 5 am because of mandatory lockdown for 1 month. Police are patrolling the streets and fining people. People feel helpless and are going CRAZY. Among other things they must find shelter for all the street people EVERY night…. no nightlife… WHAT A MESS!!!

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  14. If only people had listened to me, I've been warning people my whole life that the government was trying to take over. The marxist/communists are at it again.

  15. Who cares about "cases". " Cases" don't even mean positive lab results. For every 1 positive lab result, they add (?how many) through contact tracing?

  16. “Legault has eroded Fundamental rights by his Abuse of Power overriding the Rights and Liberties of Qubec Citizens and Companies acting Ultra Vires with “Retroactive Expropriation for Qubec Natural Gas without Compensation”. Legault’s Bizarre policies make Qubec Society poorer and MORE DEPENDENT. Higher prices for many Consumer items, including Natural Gas, Gasoline, Propane, etc. Qubec Society PAYS THE HIGHEST TAXES in North America.



    Good Morning Premier Kenney,

    “Alberta’s Wealth Transferred to Legault “—Legault will seek More and More Billions of Dollars in Equalization –Stop the Flagrant Abuse of Equalization!

    Never in Human History, we have today more than Kings of yesterday yet Legault wants more Equalization —why work let us Relax and let Alberta send us over $13 BILLION DOLLARS every year.

    Premier Kenny as you Transfer Alberta’s Wealth to Legault he gives out Millions and Millions of Dollars each year in Grants to Activist Environmental NGO which Protest/Demonstrate/March against Western Pipelines and Western Oil/Hydrocarbons —Please tell me how this helps Confederation ? Alberta Money is funding the Activists against Alberta Oil —Wow !

    Premier Kenney, Stop Appeasing Legault —Legault harms his own Economy by Sabotaging over 50,000 Good Jobs for Qubec Society and you reward Legault with over $13 Billion Dollars each year—Why Work? Quebecers have been lied to and fooled telling them the Green Religion Cult will save the World – while Qubec World Class Natural Gas is SABOTAGED by LEGAULT. Legault prevents $3–$4 Billion Dollars in NEW Taxes/Royalties for Qubec Society by his Bizarre policies. The Qubec Economy with the Corona Virus is the Perfect storm.

    ***Quebec’s Budget Deficit will be at least $30 BILLION DOLLARS Shortfall this year – LEGAULT will now seek MORE and MORE BILLIONS of DOLLARS for EQUALIZATION.**** Legault’s Energy Policies SABOTAGE the Qubec Economy while Legault gets over $13 Billion Dollars from Alberta each year —Please tell me how this helps Confederation?

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