Global National: Feb. 9, 2021 | Changes to Canada’s COVID-19 border measures, Pfizer vaccine rollout

The federal authorities is placing tighter controls on folks crossing the border, and modifications are additionally being made to the rollout of Canada’s Pfizer-BioNTech …

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47 thoughts on “Global National: Feb. 9, 2021 | Changes to Canada’s COVID-19 border measures, Pfizer vaccine rollout

  1. How many people, last year, travelled to North America, from the hotspots? When we knew it was out there?. How could we be so dumb?
    In this entitled world we in now, everyone wants it all better now. They want to continue their past traditions and travel habits. You CAN"T do that during a pandemic. All this jibber jabber about international travel? Shut airlines down for a month.. World won't stop turning. We won't starve.
    way back when the world had pandemics and no hope of vaccines. IF a person was where there was an outbreak. They STAYED there. So they would not bring it home, or spread it to others, on the way home. They learned that the hard way, from the war with Mongolia..way back when…
    People should just ''shut themselves away for a time'', until it passes. -advice from the Bible

  2. Suppose you're not a doctor nor scholar than just use common sense. Millions people said no to vaccine. If it were really epidemic and gorvement really is taking care of people, could be found as many as one person who is against?!!

  3. Vaccine will not be mandatory in Canada. But we will have to choose : get a shot or get in cocentration camp And l am sure FOR ALL THE REST OF LIFE.
    That will be not later than in the summer. Wake up people! Be ready to defend yourself and your children.

  4. The only thing they got right was Trump will be acquitted next week and will hopefully run for the next election. Trump 2024!

  5. Nobody needs the vaccines these vaccines are scams to people garbage I don’t know why people are sleeping they’re not waking up that’s crazy stupid and by the way COVID-19 does not even exist that’s a bunch of lías

  6. 92% of people entering the land border are not quarantined or even given rapid test or PCR. If you need any more sign that Trudeau’s $2k punitive quarantine facilities for air travellers is useless look no further than that. Medical, extended family reunification aren’t even fee-exempt which means that Trudeau has effectively made 2nd class citizens out of the poor and middle class by blocking them from family reunification, ie. people seeing their cross border wife. If they wanted to make a difference they’d give rapid test to all arrivals, land or air and let people quarantine at home.

  7. This Covid stuff was the basis to put child groper Biden in office……not talking the vaccine based on that. If you do take the vaccine you support groping young girls.

  8. Vaccines do not work on variants any doctor will tell you that , the common cold is a variance as well , but we don't need to go into hysteria over the flu , covid isn't as dangerous as we once believed and the experts caused alot of fear and they are constantly wrong , and the testing is an over reach and does not reflect the actual real cases with people who are not sick.

  9. The W.H.O. investigating the coronavirus in China; – Who didn't see the response coming from those investigating the cause of this pandemic. Of course, they are going to say – " It possibly came from animals! " The government of China will go to a great expense to have people think that their country is not to blame. They want to avoid any lawsuits filed against them for – Wrongful Death, Loss of Income & other suits. An Extremely Corrupt Government !! And the sad thing is that the world lets the big bully get away with it.

  10. Scamdemic. Hospitals get paid more for deaths related to covid. And regular flue and cold is being reported as covid 19.

  11. Virus variants can be defined from the country of their origin (South African variant, Brazilian variant, etc) but the same logic cannot be applied to the original. Why?

  12. It is not conspiracy theory virus did not jumped from animals to humans
    Nobel prize virusologyst Dr. Luk Montagnier explained everything

  13. Donna you just called 75 million people mobs.
    Why Global news think that by getting rid of Trump Covid cases are going down???
    Why Zuckerberg spend 300 to 400 million dollars on Baiden's election?
    Did GLOBAL news get any money from that millions???

  14. WHO'S vaccine? Or the other chowda? Say it Frenchy..Chowda! Glad we sorted that out. Taxpeople / slaves are gald you now know we will not see shyte till 2022. Just stop lying and I will stop laughing. We both know what happens when the crowd stops laughing.

  15. Lmao, quick everyone get a watered vaccine so you feel its your cryponite, and now your invincible. Why stop at 6, just make it an even 10…….lmao. WASH YOUR HANDS, SHOWER, DONT SNEEZE AT PEOPLE. Give people social distance (formally known as personal space) stop making out by the fruit isle and hitching rides in purses while waiting to pay. Bam……numbers will go back down the way they did before. This "OH wait, we got the numbers down last time by reteaching adults hygiene. Not making masks mandatory. Lets NOT do what WORKED the first time. Lets try to get canada #1 for the amount of cases"
    1,2,3 wear a mask or pay us money, forget being clean the mask is the cure. Grab your first class tickets to countries with variants and bring them back. For the people who cant travel out of country, because of money responsibilities etc. YOU must stay at home, lose your job and definitely dont see your relatives.

  16. Don't trust Health Care of Canada. They promote a deadly vaccine and use PCR tests with 45 cycles which gives only false positive.

  17. In BC 500-600 deaths and 70% higher overdose rate than in 2019. Which is 8000+ people. So covid killed 500 but the Lockdown killed 8000

  18. We Canadians are seeing how disturbing is to all,of us that something that shout be celebrating like the vaccines that 2 months ago we didn’t know when was available, some provinces added now to QUEBEC, MANITOBA, ONTARIO, ALBERTA, NEW BRUNSWICK, DEVALUATING , CREATING ALL KIND OF OBSTACLES TO THE DECISIONS TAKEN BY THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT IN ALMOST ALL SUBJECT, WHEN IN FACT WE CANNOT BLAME THE FEDERALS WHEN PFIZER DECIDES TO CHANGE PLANS TO IMPROVING ITS LABS TO BEING ABKE TO PRODUCE MORE VACCINES.
    NOW THE PROBLEM IS THE 6 doses in one veil instead of 5. When the Federal is providing the tools to manage the changes.

  19. hahaha….great making viewers laugh in this crazy time. this will be the reason to watch crazy news. only watch news once in a while due to negative and depressing content..thank you.

  20. Does anyone know which is the most deadliest virus to humans since humans started. It was here before humans, animals still get it. It has killed billions over time and continues to do so. You can not stop it there is no vaccine or cure or it , SARS, MURES, SPANISH FLU all pale and do not even come close to it. There is no cure no vaccine for it. We do not lockdown, close schools close businesses or restrict travel. This virus is everywhere you can not hide from it. You can get it sitting in your easy chair at home you can transmit it to your family by just going outside and coming back in,it is that fast. Washing your hands, physical distancing, lockdowns and mask can not stop it.We work, socialise, travel despite of all precautions. It has variants and mutations it will never be conquered. When you get it you have to deal with it doctors can not help you.
    They have said that you will have to take a vaccine year after year after year for this new virus but nothing for the most deadliest virus know to mankind. When this virus gets you and you do not get rid of it you will have medical complications down the road and it may cause your death, They will not say that you caught this virus when you were younger and had complication from it they say oh well died of natural causes. The name of the virus is very simple.
    THE COMMON COLD it is all over the world!!!!!

  21. If they clean up the place how do they expect to find anything after they have used the long hold off period and now say it was not originated there.
    This virus is directly from Asis.

  22. Imagine a virus so dangerous that you have to get tested to know you are a carrier.

    Imagine a "pandemic" so serious that the only way to know it exists is by exposing yourself to the media's constant deluge of $¢arem0ngering.

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