Global National: Feb. 8, 2021 | Some provinces ease COVID-19 restrictions as new cases decrease

COVID-19 case counts are down in lots of components of Canada, however extra instances of the extremely transmissible variants are being detected within the nation. Ross Lord has …

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29 thoughts on “Global National: Feb. 8, 2021 | Some provinces ease COVID-19 restrictions as new cases decrease

  1. More lockdowns to come. Long as the airport stays open and negligence continues from the host of letting in more variant in we will be in worse lockdowns yet to come in March April. What a huge joke and more of an embarrassment how it was managed. A degree in stupidity.

  2. @20:35…subtitled translation:
    "acquiesce because i am your moral superior. do what i say because we are all equal but i am more equal than you. believe what i believe or you are both a racist and a nazi. submit. if you do not you are bad. omission is co-mission. acquiesce."

  3. They talk about not reopening due to the variant but never mention that it got here in the first place because of our inept government's refusal to close down travel from other countries.

  4. Hahaha of course israel is the world's most vaccinated country. Not a surprise when they are already getting handouts from the U.S while 1 in every 4 families there have to get food stamps because they are so poor.

  5. People don't give your attention to propaganda garbage called global news, CtV or cbc…. It's all lies and garbage paid for by the government. Go watch some real news check out Rebel News.. government Is lieing to you all

  6. Weird how its flu season and the cases are dramatically dropping. Could it be that they reduced the amount of cycles used for the PCR test? Nah, probably not.

  7. People are getting just as sick from the vaccine as they would from regular covid-19 nobody is talking about it there are some nurses who have died in the States from the shot because they got so sick it's just covid-19 in a needle

  8. Yah non essentials are reopening yet going to doctors appointment while pregnant are still not allowing partners to be with them!

  9. Blame yourself and blame Justin Trudeau he knows there’s a world wide pandemic going on and was still allowing flights.. he allowed all these new variants into Canada not my problem .. he has the power to resolve and stop the issue but didn’t care so why should I 🤔

  10. Troubling notion?
    These Liars are considered our Top Doctors now THATS troubling.
    They mean "Top Payed" doctors 😁
    The science has been BOUGHT .
    Stand up for your RIGHTS.

  11. In BC 500-600 deaths and 70% higher overdose rate than in 2019. Which is 8000+ people. So covid killed 500 but the Lockdown killed 8000

  12. Not one government worker has lost a penny.
    Every single government worker wants lockdowns to continue.
    Teachers Union has their 100k members pushing their socialist agenda.

  13. to be fair winning a 7th super bowl at 43 is it is quite something, i wouldnt go as far to say one of the greatest players but certainly one of the greatest quarter backs with out a doubt, a great team protecting also makes for great play

  14. While I dislike the arrogant Conservatives, I"ll likely vote for them due to Trudeau's incompetent vaccine procurement and his lax attitude toward the CCP.

  15. Its true…. don't underestimate the covid19 variants, doesn't mean that the numbers is getting down, meaning that we are safe. Think twice politicians… especially ford

  16. Canada stopped putting money into science and research during the Harper years. Watch the film Silence of the Labs. Canada was not ready for any wide-spread pandemic and counted on the US for vaccines. Our once good relationship with Russia fell apart as our elected officials towed the US line. Russia and China have labs and vaccine we could use/purchase at a low price.

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