Global National: Feb. 7, 2021 | Worries mount as 1st Brazil COVID-19 variant detected in Canada

In our high story: Canada has its first case of the COVID-19 variant first detected in Brazil and it’s in Toronto. The one who examined optimistic is in hospital and did …

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30 thoughts on “Global National: Feb. 7, 2021 | Worries mount as 1st Brazil COVID-19 variant detected in Canada

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  2. Its the covid that gets u running around q camp fire in the Amazon going ooga chalka ooga chalka ooga ooga ooga chalka

  3. There is not one positive comment under this video . 99.7% (look familiar?) of your audience distrusts you . Hard to believe that ratio of 433 likes to 224 dislikes . Can I get a job with you ?, I consult liars on effective communication.

  4. Despite no mainstream media coverage, people are starting to become aware of what seems to be a mass civil disobedience campaign in Italy against lockdown measures … An estimated 50,000 bars, restaurants and other businesses are defying government orders and are remaining open to the public … it has started Police ordered patrons to leave, they all start singing ‘freedom’ and refused. The people of Italy have acted in unison and have been heard…

  5. Urgent help for Homeowners is needed: Bring back the Equity Based Home Mortgages (non-income qualify loans that were available for decades or offer government mortgages, etc.) Many people including small business owners who have lost income due to Covid, no longer qualify for any loans including refinancing their Home Mortgages even when there is plenty of equity. They have no option but to borrow short term loans form Private Lenders at loan shark rates and fees! This is a dead-end Trap that is leading to loosing their homes and other assets. Meanwhile our tax money is funding the wealthy with 0-2% loans and mortgages. Biggest wealth grab in history. Much loss and many lawsuits will follow. Stop this predatory banking practices.

  6. Stay at home, dont shop for car parts or necessary parts that break down in your home. But if you want to travel to another country and bring back a variant, thats cool smh

  7. This just shows they can take their boot of your neck whenever they want this whole fake pandemic is over as soon as they just say it's over

  8. Right , body cameras on cops will show you about your bus and school identification. Nice explanation Sandy. Amazing how you made thAt connections.

  9. Canada is very slow..why locking down the whole province infact still opening international travel specially for traveller..crazy rules..

  10. George Floyd overdosed
    The body can footage showed the officers being kind offering to open a window for him and him continuously resisting arrest
    The cell phone cams are the ones that showed the officer holding him on the ground
    The officers also called an ambulance almost immediately after the arrest
    The real question should of been what took the ambulance so long
    You guys know this you saw the full video stop telling lies

  11. Seriously what the heck is the government doing? Plenty of countries making good examples out there preventing out-breaks controlling the numbers and here we are having people just walk in like world expo.

  12. variant —> lockdown, minor reprieve, repeat ——> variant —> lockdown, minor reprieve, repeat ——> variant —> lockdown, minor reprieve, repeat ——> variant —> lockdown, minor reprieve, repeat ——> variant —> lockdown, minor reprieve, repeat ——> variant —> lockdown, minor reprieve, repeat ——> variant —> lockdown, minor reprieve, repeat ——> variant —> lockdown, minor reprieve, repeat ——>

  13. Isn't there already an awesome selection of comic book characters who are of color in roles that are important to their stories they are in? Roles such as Spawn, Storm (my favorite), Green Lantern (John Stewart) he's the true Green Lantern, Cyborg, and Blade.
    But seeing Batman as a POC sounds interesting to read.

  14. ho-hum .. another one … everyone hide. Just a minute "let me dig a little deeper…nope…nothing! "
    I guess just like Jo Dee Messina my give a D### is busted. COVID Fatigue maybe… " just two weeks to flatten the curve. " This is the longest March break that never was … from Friday 13 Mar 2020 to some unspecified future date TBD.

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