Global National: Dec. 31, 2020 | Ontario’s finance minister resigns after Caribbean vacation

On tonight’s prime story: Rod Phillips has resigned as Ontario’s finance minister, after coming underneath fireplace for a trip to the Caribbean amid the coronavirus …

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40 thoughts on “Global National: Dec. 31, 2020 | Ontario’s finance minister resigns after Caribbean vacation

  1. Politicians should be made non essentials and forced to stay home under new and improved restrictions. Only then life will get better.

  2. Virus is not that serious. If it was the entitled mps ministers would be staying put. They know things we don't. Ford obviously is a lying premiere he was covering this up. He lies

  3. Politishens are above the law , they can and will get away , This is not a mistake , this is a clear ignorant behaviour,

  4. If I broke the quarantine rules and traveled outside the country for any non-essential reason , would a simple "I'm sorry" be sufficient ? And no consequences, no penalty of any sort, and to keep my job ? Wow, I'd love a job like that !

  5. “In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way.”
    ― Franklin D. Roosevelt

  6. Their needs to be a drive to have politicians who deliberately and
    blatantly deceive the public face criminal charges for breach of public
    trust. If this government is willing to go through such lengths to
    deceive the public about a holiday, just imagine what they are capable
    of on serious matters that have far reaching impacts. This should
    especially include deception on election platforms to wit they have no
    intention of sincerely acting upon; for example electoral reform and
    transparency. What could be a bigger breach of public trust than that.
    The unfortunate fact is that it is not out of the realm of
    possibility that this whole thing is staged. This man has nothing to
    loose by resigning. his pension is still intact. He is now legally able
    to accept any potential gifts rendered directly to him by the highest
    bidders (multi national special interest lobby groups) most modern
    political parties actually act on the behalf of. What better way to
    retire than to create a mass distraction that the party can later twist
    into something positive. This is exactly the narrative this Ford fella
    is now pushing. Pretending to show strength by accepting the resignation
    of a friend who clearly would rather be vacationing anyway……

  7. Considering the access to information this guy (the St Barts vacation minister) has…. if covid was any threat greater than say a different but severe flu he would have been scared to travel as would the other cheaters in power. It lends no credibility to the un scientific guess work restrictions. Being played as the kids say, his pre loaded vids were a fake move maybe the whole pandemic is a ruse?

  8. He isn’t being held to a higher standard, he’s scarcely being held to a low standard. He should lose his job, not just his cabinet position

  9. The reason I think they are hyping this up is to get you to agree with your own imprisonment. “Nobody can travel”. They will morph this into nobody is allowed to travel. There is no reason not to travel that I can see – they want to use travel as a hook to get us to take the depopvax. Everything you see on mainstream news is part of the plan to destroy our lives.

  10. Why should he not follow the rules. An arrogant political leader who makes his own rules
    Good riddance. He should leave political office entirely

  11. Ok dr consider that if you poop that you have a dirt making virus how ever water is a shift changinng snake that is ghost like.. How dirt is made is the God s made a rocket launcher that make a rocket that turns in to dirt snow come from that too but itll go to ice then back to a rocket. With humans their body when its made has a type of wrap that feels like water but it isnt when you drinking alot of coffee if its black an your white it mite look like frost bite water not made to drink

  12. What vetting was done before this guy was hired. Ffs I have to piss test to weld a fu$%ing pipe together. Lmfao canaduh. 🍌republic much.

  13. Covering up after covering more cover ups.
    He’s just sorry he got caught!! SMH
    Ford would probably gone on vacay too if this news hadn’t came out

  14. Who said anything about holding elected representatives to a “higher” standard? Not traveling abroad during a pandemic and not trying to fool your constituents are the LOWEST possible standards to be held to. Nice try, dug.

  15. Every country in the world has instituted tests in lieu of quarantines. Having to quarantine after testing negative for Covid is ridiculous, and makes no scientific sense. Clearly they are not following the science, no other country is behaving in this asinine way, time to vote Trudeau out.

  16. Only ppl in this all together is the working class and lower classes. Everyone else can do whatever the hell they want cause of $$$ and connections. This stuff never changes. One day we might grow a brain and fight back against the divide an conquer by the wealthly/elites but I doubt it will happen anytime soon.

  17. — As long as the doctors, science community and government elected politicians, continues to perpetuate a narrative and enforce unconstitutional lock down measures, for a virus now known by the empirical (CDC) data, to have a virulence of Naught point one four, or an overall survival rate of 99.7%, on par with normal bad flu and nothing more. (with case numbers being fraudulently stacked and skyrocketing from mass false positive PCR's) They must be willingly to forfeit their government secure pensions to help in the recovery of the global economic catastrophe, which will save lives … " Remember Everyone, We are All in this Together " !!

  18. Japan locked down it's international border and within the country the people are free.

    Japan has identified the problem as uncontrolled international travel.

    Japan has had 3243 total covid deaths since inception with a total population of 126.5 million.

    Canadian leaders have shown their ignorance in every way imaginable regarding border control.

    Canada's covid deaths total 15606 with a total population of 37.59 million people.

    Canada's policy of turning our country into an open air prison with international travel allowed is a failed concept.

    Canadians cannot put up with our governments ignorance, negligence and hypocrisy for much longer.

    Our way of life is at stake.

    This ministers resignation should only be the beginning.

  19. We the people , shall not take initiative of what the Parliament will , based on personal gossip and envying .

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