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24 thoughts on “Giving our Reptiles their Valentines!

  1. Roses are red violets are blue Rex you are so cool but why do you always destroy your pool you're such a fool you jump your way through it and every single time you just destroy it

  2. my boa got a cut in the exact same place and looks exactly the same! theres no broken glass here and i have still not found out what caused it a year later, luckily nothing like it has happened again

  3. This literally made my day. I moved schools and it's the school day before valentines day. With friends we used to extange gifts and eat sweets and popcorn. And now we can't, and school today was hard I don't have any friends. And now cried. But this is amazing. Thank you.

  4. Usually I didn't get presents for valentines day cause yesterday was my birthday so I got presents yesterday, sometimes there's a valentine present with the other presents

  5. the best couples are best friends too, you can clearly see ed and emily are life partners in these videos and even if you couldn't it's not your business! I understand Snake discovery has a lot of very young viewers but it's upsetting that they won't leave Ed and Emily's private lives well… private.

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