"Gilligan's Island" Star Dawn Wells Dead at 82 After COVID Battle | E! News

The actress behind Mary Ann on “Gilligan’s Island” has handed away because of problems from the coronavirus. Particulars right here. Full Story: …

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28 thoughts on “"Gilligan's Island" Star Dawn Wells Dead at 82 After COVID Battle | E! News

  1. Every semi famous celebrity who suddenly dies, dies of covid.
    But ones who say they have covid beforehand, never die from it.

  2. Rest in peace Dawn! Thank you for all the good memories. Your Maryann character on Gilligan's Island will forever be in the hearts of all of your fans including myself.

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  4. Omg. So ppl die? Old ones? At senile age of 82? As their immune system gets rly ineffective, and many maladies can kill them, especially in conjunction with a unhealthy diets/ lifestyles/ environment that most humans are experiencing? No…

  5. It's disgusting how you sociopathic liberals are using her death to push your covid hoax. You really have nothing good to offer the world.

  6. Even up to her death she still looked so cute! She definitely didn't look 82 years old. Just an amazing women and always so very sweet. May God bless her and it is my heartfelt prayer that she is in heaven now!!!!

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  8. Rest In Peace Miss Nevada.I always see that street Wells Ave in Reno and i think of that great show i watched you on when i was a kid.Dawn you will be missed.

  9. Thanks for sunshine Mary Ann Dawn Wells, the last Islander… "O Lord! Cause her to enter the garden of happiness, cleanse her with the most pure water, and grant her to behold Thy splendors on the loftiest mount." ~ Baha'i Prayer in Part

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