Gilligan's Island Mary Ann Busted, And More Spitzer: 3/12/0

Cracked reviews on Mary Ann’s arrest for possession of marijuana, Britney Spears guesting on How I Met Your Mom, and course extra …

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33 thoughts on “Gilligan's Island Mary Ann Busted, And More Spitzer: 3/12/0

  1. Weed was the REAL reason why Gilligan acted so weird on the island. He had a stash, and used the seeds to grow more. Now that I think of it, the castaways smoking would explain a lot of erratic behavior, and Bob Denver was lighting up since his Dobie Gillis days.

  2. Can always tell when this stuff is written by a non-smoker. a) Hash is NOT a slang term for weed. It is a product of it. b) Walk a straight line? Bull! Anyone can walk a straight line on herb… just slower. c) If you smack up your car on herb, there is something else involved… most likely alcohol. See the folly of your ways, watch Reefer Madness for more propoganda. Then you'll have more bull to believe. The vid is funny, though.

  3. Don't really care if you don't believe, I just point at other facts, and I assure you If I could, I wouldn't be ill. If you think its a cure go ahead, I'll agree as I said before it helps, but not cure. Hope you will not have to find out on a personnel level, but telling someone they don't have it because I don't fit your little world is fairly foolish. So please go ahead. I'll deal with it with my doctors at Duke, you with yours. Don't really care if a youtuber thinks I'm sick or not.

  4. Natalel Schafer who played Mrs. Howel, Jim Baccus( Mr Howel), Alan Hale: (Skipper), and Bob Denver( Gilligan) are all dead now, however Tina Louise (Ginger), Dawn Wells( Mary Ann) and the Professor (forgot his real name) are still around last I heard.

  5. LOL the new process was to make it thin and strong enought to use in the modern printing process (rolls for the presses, never said it couldn't be used or never was used, think its a good idea) as for the Constitution, parchment made from treated animal skin, typically sheepskin. And the cancer cure, it helps but doesn't cure. And when in better health have done a lot raising awareness of breast cancer since my Kana died of it in 95', and now with my SCLC. So probably fairly aware.

  6. Another reason might have been that hemp made good paper (developed by the Department of Agriculture no less) and Hearst owned a lot of paper mills back then.

  7. She was smoking that same kinda ganja on that Island with Guilligan, Skipper, & Mr Howe. She'd toke them up untill they were wasted then fuck the hell out of them!!

  8. Just found this pretty funny video of a guy saying how Spitzer's resignation speech should of want.

    I guess you can view it by you tube searching for "Spitzer Should Have Resigned"

    Pretty hilarious!

  9. That one may have kept me as a subscriber for a little longer. You should include links about some of the items you talk about in the about this video section.

  10. what about the now defunked Rev. Jimmy Swaggart, has anyone bother to get his two cents about this matter. Or is he still pissing in his pants from cracking up and not able to comment at this time.????

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