GIJOE Classified Cobra Island Firefly & Cobra Viper Brings RAGE on Hasbro! – SHARKNEWS

In the present day on SHARKNEWS! The GIJOE Categorized Cobra Island Firefly and Cobra Viper launched however causes followers to be FURIOUS with Hasbro as they battle Bots, …

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29 thoughts on “GIJOE Classified Cobra Island Firefly & Cobra Viper Brings RAGE on Hasbro! – SHARKNEWS

  1. Wow, just read a few of your comments. None of these people stayed home and they all went out and spread the virus to buy a toy. Pathetic Looooooooooosers

  2. I really had to comment on this. Are you all "NEW" ? Let's start with the volume of toys available, yes "TOYS" kids. How many of you didn't work, had hours cut back or simply lost your job during 2020 DUE TO THE COVID OUTBREAK? Factories were working with low numbers of employees, which results in lower numbers of product being produced. Warehousing and shipping facilities were also working at low numbers of employees and hours. How many toys do you think were produced and SHIPPED? Do you think a new run toyline with little net worth value as of yet due to being a new toy on the market would be produced by those low numbered employees to make the toy companies collectors happy ? Or could you come to grasps that your toy is not a high volume seller and a toy company would rather produce the high selling toy which is a garuntee sale purchase by many "essential only" open to the public stores? In the time of pandemic. Your G.I.Joe is last to be produced. Will they come back to producing it in high numbers. Yes, when each manufacturing company begins to run at full capacity again. Your "child" also never got their cool new "Champion" sweater either. Numbers were low production due tongue same thing in every aspect of sales except essentials. I manage a high end "cool kid" clothing store. But wait! I don't hear the crying about that cool sweater? Because the toys were for adults, not their kids. So the adult who snagged the toy from a 4 year old child who should never be playing with ancobra freaking viper at the age of 4!!!! Good on that adult who snagged the toy from the kid who was holding it for his dad so his dad didn't get scammed for having more than one in his hands.

  3. I'm done with the GIJOE Classified series. The hole Target thing just left a bad taste in my mouth
    for the line

  4. Since the classified has been released in my area. I never ever saw a trooper. I seen 3 beachheads I only brought 1. I saw 2 Baroness's I only brought one and no troopers. They need to stop the exclusives all they are going to do is drive people from this line.

  5. People can drop out of the line but it won’t change the fact that shelves are empty and Hasbro sells one way or the other. The Target distribution model is the thing broken. It’s not just Joe’s. Amazon doesn’t have this stupid issue.

  6. All of this is from Instagram right? lol don't worry they'll eventually put up more, patience is key my friends. 😏🤙

  7. They should have never of taken it from the kid one reason that's a bitch move 2 the only way to keep gi joe alive is threw the kids wanting to play with them and grow up with them it's bad enough they have to deal with covid but with grown men doing that that's just repugnant

  8. Target employees always try to be sneaky with pre releases. I also know there is a bunch of cry babys in the community

  9. I own only 3 Joes(Snake Eyes Pulse Exclusive deluxe, Scarlett & Regal Cobra Commander), other than those I've only seen Roadblock ONCE on a peg. Still waiting on my Destro pre-order 😒

  10. I literally hit 7 different Targets early Friday morning trying to find these. Same story at every store. 1 or 2 guys showed up and bought the entire case of Vipers as soon as the doors opened. And nobody even got the Firefly.

  11. never been so upset with Hasbro and/or TArget. That's it. left TArget in the dust long ago because of classifieds and issues….came back and gave it try a gain a couple times…what a joke. TMNT, Transformers to this GI Joe. Employees, who you know, shipments etc.. piss off. Ordering online, pre-orders etc. is and has been for awhile, the way to go….and people will miss the Thrill of Brick and Motor findings.

  12. Imagine wanting a plastic action figure of your childhood character so bad that you resort to stealing it from a 4 year old. Lmao that is pathetic

  13. it's frustrating that this is what the media of toys have come to, because this whole controversy with joes is even in the starwars genre. like i enjoy both genres and i hear similar stories with the starwars collecting like with the joes, but the company doesn't do anything to correct this problem and just tells the consumers to fight amongst themselves. or if there is issues with collecting them and you've pre-ordered a figure they'll accidentally sell it and then you'll have to wait practically another year before they can get a hold or they create another shipment of figures. for example i pre-ordered a deathtrooper from the rogue one wave in the vintage collection series and after their accident of selling my figure they told me to wait until they got another shipment and left the item on pre-order then just moved the month out one after another as each month began and came to an end. hasbro or these toy stores have become such a cluster#$@$@# especially during the time of covid and made worse during the holidays.

  14. This is crazy, I didn’t even try to go to Target to look for it, because of what happened with the first wave of Cobra Island exclusive. I was lucky to get one cobra trooper, and it was because someone had five of them and decided to give me one. Hasbro is horrible for doing this to their customers, and as of now, I am considering on not buying anything from them anymore – Gi Joe, Marvel Legends, Power rangers and others. I hope a lot more people start doing the same thing.

  15. My target is “special”. I was told they were sold a week before the street date. Truck was late. But it’s funny on eBay there are two from my township on there.

  16. This has been happening as long as people have been collecting action figures. I had a buddy who worked at Target back in the 90’s who was my go to source for Star Wars figures. We would cherry pick the cases for the less common figures and buy them out before most had even hit the shelves. In the long run however this attitude towards collecting proved self-defeating, as the toys from that era are mostly worthless to collectors who were looking at them as investments

  17. I got lied to several times trying to find these figures so I just gave up and eventually GameStop will have them just like the code with trooper I pre-order code which was on GameStop and they I got them it's like big bad toy store they're online while breaking neck trying to go out and grab these figures when they be out eventually it's all about the hype and a lot of these YouTube creators be hyping the stuff up it made people go out here running around buying multiples saying army building bragging you know is this is the main the content is supposed to be about creating content not a stage for your platform for you to be bragging about stuff you find this is my opinion. The scalpers are no better buying up everything and then jacking the price up on them so it's a double-edged sword as far as being The collector looking for this stuff so I just gave up on it.

  18. I dont think the exclusive element as a whole is the worst offender, but rather the fact that these are A-listers and freaking army builders. Exclusives should be obscure repaints that you can skip if you want, even like the Cobra Island Roadblock, as there is already a regular Roadblock. Not super popular characters that this will be the only chance to get. Why couldn't this be a Python Patrol Viper and release the regular one in retail so everyone can get it? This is horrendous.

  19. They need to restock the army builders in high volume. Keep them away from the main characters. 20 to every single regular characters

  20. My target said they didn't get their shipment. I have a feeling their was a back door deal. Because of the Hasbro/Target dealing these fig are impossible to get.

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