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6 thoughts on “Ghost Adventures Cecil Hotel Episode Discovery Plus Discussion !

  1. Ryan do you know if this episode will air on Travel Channel? I may have to check out the GA group I am in. The admin is good about posting episodes if it's possible. The Cecil Hotel sounds like a fantastic place to investigate. Richard Ramirez is such a creepy guy. I saw a documentary that covered his trial. He became sort of a celebrity to a group of women who went to every day of it. He had grown his hair long and wore mirrored sunglasses. This was actual footage of the trial. The women would dress sexy for him and he kept turning around to look at them with a smile but you couldn't see his eyes. The guy gave me the creeps! Anyway I would like to see this episode. My dvr is set to record the next GA episode on January 7, "Roaming the Corridors". So hopefully that was only one special to help kick off Discovery Plus.

  2. Hi I enjoyed your discussion on Cecil Hotel, I don,t understand when Elisha stepped out of the elevator, who was she talking to outside of the elevator, you see Elisa moving her hands up and down and it looks like she was talking to somebody, but we can,t see and then Elisa Lamb disappears and then Elisa was found in the water tank with no clothes on. I don,t have Discovery Plus. I wish someone can record this ghost Adventures episode. I really want to see this episode.

  3. I haven't seen the episode, since I live way down in Australia. But, thanks for the bits of info on the episode. I have watched a few Elisa Lam doco's, did they mention she was found naked in the water tank and something about the spelling of her name matching some secret science thing (sorry forgot what it was). Elisa did not intentionally kill herself, she may have accidently killed herself due to mental illness or the negative energies played on her mental illness to cause her to do that. Anyone care to upload the episode for the poor folk in countries that don't get it????/

  4. There is a "conspiracy theory" about the Elisa Lam story. Something to think about as good points was made about her being murdered.

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