Georgia Voters React To Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Controversy | NBC News NOW

NBC Information spoke to voters in Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s district about their reactions to her conspiracy theories and the political fallout from her beliefs.

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33 thoughts on “Georgia Voters React To Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Controversy | NBC News NOW

  1. The law of this country is totally to be use only against it's citizen.
    Politician and the rich and the criminals has a free license to do whatever criminal act they want with out consequences.😡

  2. In my opinion the people in georgia who elected what they did, are 15 and 3/4 ounces short of a pound. Or 5 and 9/10 cans short of a six pack. Or 11 and 9/10 inches short of a foot. They aren't the sharpest knives in the drawer

  3. They are just now taking notice? The US you keep telling yourselves it is the best democracy in the world? LOL! That's hilarious…keep repeating it though…the rest of the world's democracies don't take offense.

  4. It's good that some Georgia voters can see that Greene is a Crazy Karen. But for the rest of them, I hope that their vote and their view is in the minority.

  5. But the point is that she has done absolutely nothing for her district, she doesn't even have an agenda in place or any policies.

  6. Yes, freedom of speech, fine. However when you have the pulpit and power these people have, especially the President, if you can't be responsible with that speech get out of office. You don't deserve that power.

  7. For the love of God, please let me know when y'all come back to Rome so I can come speak on camera lol, I don't have this thick an accent.

  8. I always believe that there's good folks in Her district.. she just conned them just like her stupid,,ignorant leader..!
    Then she went looney,,tune,,bc she was a weak link….!

  9. She all about the 💴💴💴💴💴💴🤡🤡🤡🛵🛵🛵🎪🎪🎪🎪💴🛵🛵🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🤡Money Money

  10. You are right ma'am… she is crazy… it's like something happened and all of a sudden… Bam… this is who I really am… SMH…

  11. Recall AOC, Ihan Omar, Pelosi, Harris.these are the people who u should be worried about they incite violence and have said Many kooki things! Which MSM will cover up for

  12. People you let the MSM guide your brain, Marjorie Green isn’t the enemy the socialist fascist government is! She’s a distraction.wake up

  13. Funny how the left fake media is focused on Taylor green, when all the Dems praise violence from BLM &give them free bail! Tyrants,fascists violent Dem gov.

  14. I don't know if she will be reelected or not. But if I had to guess I would say she will be. There's a ugly undercurrent running through this nation that is highly destructive to the constitution and the bill of rights and to the freedoms of all Americans. And I'm not sure how it's going to work out. To paraphrase Abraham Lincoln. will we listen to the angels of our better nature. Or respond to the demons that lurk unseen just below the surface of our worst nature?

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