Georgia Senate results and latest news | 11Alive Morning Rush

11Alive’s Morning Rush is bringing you on top of things on all of the developments in a single day within the Georgia Senate races. Rev. Raphael Warnock has been projected …

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38 thoughts on “Georgia Senate results and latest news | 11Alive Morning Rush

  1. Thank you, everyone in Georgia for getting out and voting so Biden/Harris can make America better for all of us👏

  2. It's time to proclaim the Martial Law, Georgia had fraud election of senator again.
    The U.S citizens and the whole world support Trump won election.

  3. It is another fraud they cheated again and I told you they would ! These democrats will not stop until they are all dead

  4. I am Jürgen from Germany and I want to gratualate special the people from Georgia for your wonderful democratic voting today. You have saved the democratic system in the U.S. with your voting for the senat. I am sure that the most people of our country are more than glad and happy. The very bad pictures in television today are saying to me: At now we must be the very best friends forever just it was since for a few years. Georgia will get a special rubric in the whole history of the U.S. In former times you have had very good politic men and women of the republic party too just like Gerald Ford and Mr. Bush sen. and the first lady Barbara. It´s time for a new future and the thinking: Together we are absolutely good. A new day – a new live. I wish in the name of the most german people friendship and good cooperation between the politic people of both parties again. All the best from a German friend of America.

  5. The world owes Stacy Abrams a very sincere thank you for her incredibly successful push to register voters in Georgia. History will remember. I have the feeling Ms Abrams will will leave even more of an impression in the history books. She is a powerful force for voter empowerment.

  6. Let’s be clear: Trump, in his utter stupidity, handed over the country to Democrats. Trump, you deserve what you have coming to you. You couldn’t’ve sunk lower than you have. But you muddied the country, us and all we stand for, as Americans.

  7. It is a sad day for Georgia and the Republic when Communists like Warnock and Ossoff are permitted to run for office, let alone be elected. Such a tragedy…a real tragedy!!!

  8. Another instance where republicans are up by 100K votes, we go to sleep, and magically the democrats are elected…

  9. Just to be clear. It's all about the CLOCK right now. Just sit back, relax and watch the CLOCK run down. No comment required.

  10. Let the haters (REPUBLICANS) take with them as they go DONALD ,JUNIORS,RUDY, MICH AND ALL THE REST INCLUDING COVID 19. Give the rest of us GRACE, MERCY ,HOPE AND THE LOVE ❤️ OF GOD IN HEAVEN.

  11. Congratulations Georgia and Georgians. God has spoken through you in electing a "Black" man and a young "Jewish" man to the American Senate. You have decided that enough is enough with the crooked corrupt Republicans, the now "minority leader" Moscow Mitch McConnell and that IMPEACHED POTUS Donald Trump. God's power was worked throughout America after 4 years of complete chaos, terrors, confusions and disasterous reigns of Trump and the Republicans.
    Please enact a law to "DO AWAY WITH THE ELECTORAL COLLEGE VOTE SYSTEM". God bless America – From Australia

  12. It is fitting for Ray Charles to be singing Georgia on my mind.🗣👁👃🏽👁🧔🏾👨🏾‍🦲👩🏾‍🦲👨🏾‍🦳🧑🏿‍🦳👨🏾🧑🏽👶🏾

  13. Congratulations, Warnock! Praise God, the people of America have chosen, and the good has overcome the bad; people just like NICE people. Democrats are nice people, and good people too who CARE about ALL the people. I am so proud of the good people of our nation who have not lost heart and abandoned our constitution or Democracy, but who have kept the faith in their (our) good hearts. We voted! We voted Blue! We won! Good hearts have power, and that is the love that overcomes hate and darkness. I am so proud of the American people right now. Happy in Oregon.

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