Georgia Secretary Of State's Office Holds Press Conference | NBC News

Watch stay protection as Georgia Secretary of State’s workplace holds a press convention in Atlanta amid the controversy surrounding President Trump’s name on the …

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26 thoughts on “Georgia Secretary Of State's Office Holds Press Conference | NBC News

  1. Be sure that you keep all election related artifacts for the lawfully term last you violate the law the dont have the authority to destroy the artifacts expect private cases looking to insure you comply with the law as it relates to preserving the artifacts

  2. I curse you rats!

    First step. Discredit the President Trump, name him the inventor of discrimination and deportations of children. Second step. Silence the President Trump. Third step . the media talk about everything negative about President Trump mandate. Fourth step. the acceptance of the people to the new mandate of the President . Fifth step. We did it! (people didn't realize how we controlled them )

  3. You took away those safe guards and will not release fulton county data for signature verification. You are a joke sir

  4. How many mail in ballots were discarded?!?! What's the number?!?! You won't believe it less were discarded than any other election. At a time when we had more than ever yes less were discarded for inaccuracies. Doesn't add up to me and this is just one of many complaints. Georgia is going to through all of you out. You are a liar. Treason is punishable by death.

  5. There are several million voters that think this election was rigged and mounds of evidence to prove it. The people’s last best hope for justice should always be our Supreme Court with issues examined openly for ALL TO SEE! An HONEST elections is as important as the nuclear launch codes for NATIONAL SECURITY!!! The Supreme Court should reconsider their refusal to hear this case or all 9 of them needs to give a reason why not that will satisfy millions of Americans Voters on a LIVE nationwide broadcast so comments CAN NOT be edited.

  6. Seems to me, the key point here is the end of the call…..YOU SAID YOU WILL NOT ALLOW TRUMPS TEAM OR AN INDEPENDENT TEAM TO REVIEW YOUR BALLOTS AND ELECTION DATA. There is NO reason to refuse an independent review if everything is on the level. All this drama is easily and quickly abated with a simple audit of actual ballots, signature verification and voting machines. I wonder why you would not allow this? There may be nothing and that is my hope. However, as someone who does audits, there is typically a reason people do not want others looking into their information. You seem to be confident…what is the hold up?

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