Georgia election officials rebuke President Donald Trump over demand to 'find' votes

President Trump is receiving criticism from Republican officers in Georgia for demanding the state’s secretary of state ‘discover’ votes that will overturn his loss …

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50 thoughts on “Georgia election officials rebuke President Donald Trump over demand to 'find' votes

  1. Donald Trump – You tried to warn America and I respect you for it! American citizens. . ask yourself these (#09) questions, all of which you should have solved YESTERDAY:

#01 – Where is 97% of your pharmaceuticals made today? (could be good in case of emergency or war breaking out. China's ACE of Spades, simply cut it off THEN launching an attack).
    #02 – "Made in China 2025" – The economical superpower will shift from West to? (that's right: East, and you can thank Bill Clinton for this, for letting them into WTO. Biden will make it even worse!)

    #03 – What is happening in Europe and where are some countries turning to get loans and support? (if there ever was an iron curtain and a Cold War – this is it folks! Serbia, Portugal & Slovakia!)

    #04 – Your head start on AI is over, now what? (China spit out more AI specialist engineers than there is IT engineers in whole or USA – last try now is to work closer with the EU to win!)
    #05 – What will happen when you discover that China has nearly all manufacturing in the world now? Forced to use their supply chains, while stealing everything they can come across!)
    #06 – What will you do for a living after realizing it wasn't as easy to just "learn to code" as Biden suggested?)

    #07 – Why so whiny and narrow-minded? How come HOW you say something is more important than WHAT someone is actually saying? (going forward, situation doesn't look too good sorry!)

    #08 – How hard can it be to just do an election like you agreed and planned ahead? (why was not the republican vote counting observers also allowed to oversee the democratic process?)

    #09 – While China is planning 100 years ahead in every direction – You can’t figure out or get along on whether to wear a facemask or not, how do you plan to keep up?

    All of these questions should have been asked and more importantly resolved a long time ago. You have made yourself dependent on China, while you let them set all the rules – while breaking any existing ones from the WTO agreements etc. I don't know what else to say, I don't have any answers myself, God bless & Good luck to you!

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  3. Joe Biden was down in Georgia looking for a vote to steal. He is in a bind and way behind and willing to make a new deal.

  4. A U.S. Navy veteran and data scientist from Pennsylvania alleged this week that 47 USB cards used during the state’s Nov. 3 election have gone missing – and asserted that as many as 120,000 votes cast in the election should be called into question. At a hearing in Gettysburg on Wednesday, poll watcher Gregory Stenstrom of Delaware County identified himself a former commanding officer in the Navy and a forensic computer scientist with expertise on security and fraud issues. “I personally observed USB cards being uploaded to voting machines by the voting machine warehouse supervisor on multiple occasions,” Stenstrom testified. “This person is not being observed, he's not a part of the process that I can see, and he is walking in with baggies of USBs.”

  5. Why don't you try to figure out why there's 1500 eyewitness deposition signed under the penalty of perjury I have never heard you do a story on that yet

  6. As I remember it, Mr. Trump's campaign began with heavy use of discourtesy and defamation in leading us toward noble and collegial political discussion. His term as POTUS soon developed the iterations of denial, disinformation and disorder followed by loud accusations of 'HOAX' and 'FRAUD' about others while admitting only of doing and being 'INCREDIBLE'. His success developed quite a following! We know that the moments of contemptable character that he reveals is really just a rhetorical demonstration of how one might put things in a useful array for his realm of Alternate Truth. Because he's just playing hardball when deep down he is just another guy who does what he has to do to get by, we don't think of him as defiling the office of the president. Now he is attacking the election system and the Americans who volunteer and work there as part of his 'fighting the good fight.' He's influenced a lot of people, young and old, that identify with his policies and changed the character of the Republican Party, perhaps forever. In a way he's separating the sheep from the goats like the 'Good Shepherd' that he follows to to the church. Would you like our children to be just like him?

  7. They are all paid off there’s a bigger picture to what’s going on here far beyond Republicans vs Democrats, Trump vs Biden although some may be involved these “conspiracy” have always been just conspiracy but now this past election has shine light on some things and most people many of you are blinded by the media, if you don’t think the mostly all news stations are “controlled” then your just ignorant, dumb and apart of there system.

  8. To say that data forensic reports, testimonies and affidavits from hundreds of thousands of witnesses and poll workers, counting irregularities, videos, photos, recordings, etc, is not evidence then why are so many people are locked up right now, and convicted based on this same type of evidence?? In fact, charged, convicted and sentenced based on this very same evidence the mainstream claims isn't evidence. If it's not evidence then it's time to start releasing the people who wrongly convicted.

  9. Plan for worst case scenario against Trump. Trump want to Nuke North Korean like Trump want to Nuke Hurricane. North Korea want no nuclear weapon in exchange for no sanction. Trump want no nuclear weapon and continue sanction. North Korea now have better nuclear weapon. Trump just failed and unable to do it, if not it will happen already. If Hitler did not commit suicide, is life time imprisonment sufficient punishment for Hitler?

  10. Nothing was "thoroughly" debunked. People all the way up to the FBI, and DOJ have already been DEBUNKED and are facing charges. Trump is right for criticizing the Governor, and asking for the missing votes. Counterfeit votes, and dead people were used for fraudulent Biden votes. Where are the now missing ballots? Just CLAIMING THERE IS NO EVIDENCE IS NOT DEBUNKING ANYTHING! Where is the PROOF that no evidence exists….there is none. The voter fraud evidence is a FACT, and massive in scope. NOTHING ABOUT THE OBVIOUS MOUNTAIN OF EVIDENCE HAS BEEN "DEBUNKED" BY ANY CONTRARY EVIDENCE, SHOW ME YOUR "EVIDENCE". You leftist traitors are going to lose in the long run even if your crooked corrupt golden boy Biden some how gets into the Oval Office. Leftist have already been jailed for fraud, and again even the FBI has people under indictment for jailing innocent people like General Lynn, Carter Paige, and others.

    So when is the next impeachment..
    Got my popcorn 🍿 ready
    Will Hillary be there..
    I'll take the balcony

  12. President Trump is Demand what we the American Citizens want to fine the real votes of us the Americans citizens. We all seen with our own eyes the Corruption of rigged voting by the Democrats. Democrats made a big mistake they overloaded the Elections Systems at all levels and they destroy our votes …. These New Media’s are so corrupt they are covering up all the Corruption by the Democrats…… We the real Citizens are Demand New Elections at all levels because our Elections and our votes were destroyed by the Corrupt setup by the Democrats which destroyed our Elections and the America citizens votes with their overloading and over killing by so many corrupt votes……. President Trump needs to call every State and demand recheck and recount of every vote in this corrupt Elections… These corrupt politicians on both sides want to push this corrupt Elections under the rug”””” NO WAY ARE US THE AMERICAN CITIZENS ARE GOING TO DTABD GOR OUR VOTES BEEN DESTROYED BY CORRUPT POLITICIANS DEMOCRATS AND SOME CORRUPT REPUBLICANS…… No way !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. I read the transcript of the entire call. The media is LYING again and spinning what was actually said. Trump did not demand to 'find' votes. Same media that told us for almost a year the virus came from a wet market and the lab was just conspiracy theorist nonsense started by Trump. The "news media" is worthless and shepard smith is a speed bump.

  14. Soooo theyre saying the sketchy ass people who pulled the suitcases out from under the table after they told republican viewers they were done and they had to leave… yeah totally normal 🧐

  15. Yeah right…. Democrats didn't cheat buy Trump crossed the line by stating the obvious to a Republican that is being paid off. Period.

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