Georgia Clinic Suspended From Vaccinating After Giving Doses To Teachers | NBC Nightly News

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43 thoughts on “Georgia Clinic Suspended From Vaccinating After Giving Doses To Teachers | NBC Nightly News

  1. Who hired theses idiots! Open them back up! They are helping people and teachers especially! This just shows horrible leadership! Six months that’s ridiculous, you just want people to get Covid.

  2. This is an example of government stupidity. The clinic was effective, teachers were being vaccinated to open schools, rules were changed, so they go from progress to zero.
    You don't stop bailing a sinking boat if someone uses the wrong bucket.

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    5) Webinar with Professor Paul Marik: the Prevention & Early Treatment of C19 12/17/20

    6) Melbourne GP says Ivermectin treatment is 'very effective' 9/8/20

    7)“Dr. Pierre Kory Talks Covid-19, Ivermectin and the FLCCC” 11/25/20

    8) Ivermectin meta-analyses-the findings-Dr. Tess Lawrie 1/26/21


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    b) Beyond The Roundup | The NIH Updates Stance On Ivermectin 1/16/2021

    FLCCC Alliance Responds to New NIH Stance On Ivermectin 1/25/21

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  4. The clinic was following the original rule and was just vaccinating teachers, not high status socialites. Six months for being unaware of change in rules!! This judgement was passed with emotions. People selling vaccines in the black market are probably punished less harshly. 😞

  5. Ok, so lets punish the people by denying vaccines during a PANDEMIC because the clinic made a mistake by giving Vaccine to those who will be around our children-what's wrong with this picture?

  6. But do not punished for that length of time! 6 months is ridiculous. If they were ahead of schedule, and continued to vaccinate, then vaccinate. That is the main goal afterall

  7. This is ridiculous. Georgia Republican leadership has been doing everything they can to please Trump since the beginning of the pandemic. Trump's gone, Kemp and Greene are next. Georgia can do better.

  8. Wow, this is like the Married with children episode where Bud worked for the DMV and was moving too fast so he got fired. Smh

  9. So now instead of the clinic vaccinating 65+ because they weren't given the correct communication,, the vaccines are completely taken away? Punish everyone??? This is completely absurd!

  10. Georgia is just another BS state. At least they did good in our last election cycle and the two senatorial run off elections, holding the truth line against extreme pressure from Trump and death threats.
    Now we hear that the state is going to try to restrict voter rights like a simple mail in ballot because they fear Republican candidates will lose.

  11. Why stop a facility who is trying to do the right thing by punishing the whole community… doesn't make sense…just roll out more vaccines …


  13. Georgia Department of Health…Bought and sold. There, I said it.
    Vaccinate all the teachers, cut the legs out from under the Teacher's Union.

  14. This has to be the dumbest thing I've ever heard! Sounds like a heath offical has a power complex and need to be fired!

  15. So they're trying to protect teachers and children, installing their own freezer, and government fuc$ over the whole county. Big brother speaks.

  16. This is stupid! Doctors are trying to help people and save lives and get shut down for that? Why are people making it so hard to help people? I guess lizard people do exist.

  17. Here is another case of individuals going on there and vaccinating out side of priority and than asking for forgiveness. Senior are dying… this stupid should be in prison for violation.

  18. who cares who is getting the vaccine as long as they are giving it >>>its better to give it to somebody then have them sit on a shelf

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