Oak Island theorists, Chris Morford and Corjan Mol, are again to share a model new idea with Rick and Marty Lagina within the Conflict Room. Utilizing a geometry idea, …

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20 thoughts on “GEOMETRY THEORY REVEALS STRUCTURE | Curse of Oak Island

  1. How about this …A YOUNG FDR was digging for the treasure and they got close he told his Mason brothers and they moved it….still like all fans..its fun..and tell the Aussie to keep finding surface junk left by campers/sailors for hundreds of years…I can do better

  2. they about to find queen elizabeth's silver-plated pleasuring rod, it took knights templar to save her from emberassment… until now !

  3. I imposed the letter X over the hole in the swamp on a map and followed the southern most point back to my side yard! I dug a small hole and found some cat poop!!

  4. History Channel should know better. The Ark of the Covenant was delivered to the Vatican by 2-3 German SS officers as a gift from Adolf Hitler and given to Pope Pius XII between 1946-1947. Read and see documentation in Deutsch Amerika a German Magazine.

  5. To definitely clear out one theory I would recommend checking into Ron Wyatt and the ark of the covenant. And besides that if it were the ark over here I'd be very hesitant to do anything because people that weren't qualified to touch that died pretty suddenly..

  6. The real treasure is in how much they have made from viewership/followers/clicks/merch/tourists/sponsorships…the worst thing they could do is actually find the treasure then the show would end LOL Still fun to watch though:)

  7. They should see where the other two points of the cross point to as well the 5 pointed star symbol they overlaid the cross with and where those 5 points may aim towards…

  8. Spoiler alert… The last one to die is going to be me from boredom. This painting nonsense. WHAT? Nothing in it proves anything at all. Next line to follow is the one between your brain and your Balloon Knot. There is a money pit alright. You already spent more than you can find there.

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