Aye Matey! You are stranded on an island. Now what? Resolve these captain of all riddles to search out out in case your pirate materials! Do not let a shipwreck decelerate your …

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  1. A man who couldn't swim was pushed off a boat. He was not wearing a life jacket. Even so, he survived. How?

    The boat was not on land.

  2. a man was up for 24 hours and went to a motel.he said he wanted to be woken up at exactly 7:00.the employee said,"sure just call me and ill be there to wake you up!".the man agreed and will pay him twice as much in the morning.what is wrong with the story?that was riddle

  3. I have blonde hair and blue eyes not aqua blue eyes deep blue eyes please don't kill or kidnap me but i live at the 18th door brick house

  4. I love Riddle Me This. I have a riddle. Aniah was trapped in a room with a saw, a table cut in half, and an hot glue. How does she get out? Answer: She glues the the half table together to make a HOLE. Good joke right? I love Riddle Me This!

  5. There's a few riddles I want to see who can answer correctly.

    1. If it takes 8 men 8 days to dig 8 holes, and 6 men 6 days to dig 6 holes. How long would it take two men to dig half a hole? (Answer will be in the comments of the next video)

    2. There is a island who HATES intruders. There is a bridge that is attached to the main land. It takes 8 minutes to cross the bridge no matter what. A guard goes down the bridge every 5 minutes. They force anyone back the way they came if you came from the main land you'd be forced back there. One day you decide you're fed up with the island and escapes with the bridge, how? you can't kill the guard or swim.

    Good Luck with them comment your answers.

  6. I too go a riddle for you.

    A doctor was getting ready for he's big surgery.But he was dead.Only 3 people was at the hospital.

    Who killed him?

  7. Heres a riddle…

    I loved Cookies So does all my Gacha Friends.. i cant expose their names so lets just say.. Fina my bff
    Nicolas my friend Selena my other friend and we were all at my house then i became sleepy and slept on my couch when i woke up there were cookie crumbs everywhere and u saw your friends Holding the empty cookie jar but non of them were covered

    These r the alibis

    Fina: I was watching yt..
    Nicolas:I was playing on my phone
    Selena: I was having a bath..
    Look im all wet..

    Who stole Mah Cookies?!?!?!

    Answer: Selena… we had a sleep over why isnt she wearing new clothes and she is all wet
    She probably washed of the crumbs>:(

  8. I have a riddle:

    You and your friends are in a tight position.
    You were captured by a maniac during your vacation and now have woke up in an island when it is dark out.
    You and your friends are supposed to cross a bridge that can only fit 1-3 people in 30 minutes or else a murderer will be set free to kill each and everyone of you.
    How can you cross the bridge when there are 7 of you and one of you is pregnant.
    You only have one lamp and no one will agree to cross with only one lamp and you can cross the bridge at 5 minutes fastest and it goes double for the pregnant lady and she also needs two people to assist her.
    How can you cross the bridge when Tina wont go with Sam,David wont go with Casey and Tina, and only Tina will offer to help Nikita the pregnant lady, and Casey also wont go with Tina, and finally only you and James will go with anyone, and Nikita only wants to go the second time?

    Fist you go with Sam and David then you go back and get Nikita and Tina then you go back then grab James and Casey which has a total of 30 minutes.

  9. I have my favorite and my own riddle😂
    Richard (me) was walking alone on the cold dark street in the night or is he really lonely
    There was a bullet past through his ear then he look back and then ran away
    Then he told the police the whole story and there were 4 suspect
    Sophia:She is beautiful yet… very suspicious
    Bob:He hated me since we were a kid
    Steve:He is my bestfriend
    Pirate Captain:I save his life
    After that the police told Richard to pick whichever one he is sure that is the killer
    Richard choose bob
    Who got put in prison?

    The police knew he was lying because he cannot see in the dark and its not fair for bob
    I have a massage for viewer
    Im so sorry bob😢

  10. I have a Riddle:

    Sophia was drinking alcohol in a diner and she saw her seat mate with a suitcase. She started a conversation with the man who is her seatmate and she asked what is inside the suitcase. The man replied, " Inside this suitcase contains $1,000,000,000." Sophia wants the money for herself and makes a bet to sing a song with the name chosen by the man. If she wins, she gets the $1,000,000,000. If she loses, then she would be the man's servant. The man chose the name Sylvia. After Sophia sang, she got the suitcase that contains $1,000,000,000. What did Sophia sang?

    Sophia sang 'Happy Birthday'

  11. I have a ridddle.

    James was lost.He was founded and captured by a savages tribe.James will be sacrified by the savages.Before they kill james the chief ask:how you want to die?we will do it as your last wish.

    What James should say?

    He should say:I want to die in the nature way

  12. I have a riddle there was a huge earthquake in the city there was no electric and there was three doors that you can survive in
    1: rocks that crush you
    2: freezing cold door that you can survive in
    3: eclectic chainsaws
    with one will you survive in???
    answer: the chainsaws because there was no eclectic in the city

  13. My riddle:

    A "lonely" woman jumps of a skyscraper but later regrets it. Why?

    Because she heard a phone ring while falling and realised that she wasn't alone

  14. once a guy was found dead and their was a note, it has symbols a arrow , butterfly and a cup after that day you get to choose three doors.. L was the anser but what is L.
    anser = cup split it

  15. I have one

    Jim and jolly decided to meet in a cafe then jolly was thirsty so she drank 5 cups of tea and jim drank 1 cup of tea slowly later that day jim died and the police found that someone poison some of the tea so how did jolly suvived?

    Jolly was lucky enough to get the tea that was not poison and unfortunetly for jim he got poisoned

    Pls don't question me some of the tea was poisoned T^T

  16. This isnt really a good one but here it goes….
    A man was kidnapped by the night of His birthday,he was tied up in a chair alone,ALOOOONE,soon,he found something that helped him out and finally escaped,but when he did,he was back where he was before in his bed,How?

    A:He was in a dream,told you it wasnt a good one

  17. I have a riddle, 4 friends have a sleepover u can choose there names, one is killed and a detective shows up and tells everyone to get up, all the friends are shocked. Who is the murderer

    Answer:the detective how did they know a murder happened if everyone was sound asleep and they had to tell them to wake

  18. I have a riddle:

    There was a woman in a dark room. She had no access to light, yet she was reading. How is this possible?

    Answer: She was reading Braille!

  19. I have a riddle

    One night somebody gets murdered they find a phone next to him with these numbers next to him )@+’ there are 4 suspects jack jake Sophia and James they have no alabi the police immediately arrested jack

    Answer: they check where the letters would be for those symbols it spells jack

  20. Riddle me this

    A girl the age of 5 (her name was saria)was kidnapped while they're parents were on vacation when they were back they asked the babysitter have you seen saria"i was just ironing the clothes for school tomorow"the asked the chef"i was cooking pizza"the asked the maid"i was cleaning your room"who killed saria?

  21. Riddle me this

    A girl the age of 5 (her name was saria)was kidnapped while they're parents were on vacation when they were back they asked the babysitter have you seen saria"i was just ironing the clothes for school tomorow"the asked the chef"i was cooking pizza"the asked the maid"i was cleaning your room"who killed saria?

  22. Well I got the easiest riddle for you guys that even a kid could solve!

    Èrase una vez,
    (Once upon a time)

    There was a group of thieves consisting of five members..

    Thief A: The leader of the group
    Thief B: The skilled thief
    Thief C: A mentalist
    Thief D: The sloppy guy
    Thief E: The greedy driver

    Thief A were counting the money that they stole from a bank not too long ago while others celebrates, they were in a secret hideout that only them knew.

    But one day, there were cops with k9's and heavily armed SWAT forces walking near their hideout.. The first man that notices this was Thief A(the leader), he quickly grab the money and decided to tell the others but suddenly he stopped and wonder "How did they find us when our base is hidden and only us knew?" and then something suddenly pop up to his mind that one of them is a traitor, so he decided to hide the money somewhere else that only HE knew .

    While the cops will take a while to find their hideout since it was perfectly hidden and chances of escaping are slim to none, he decided to do a little scheme of his to expose the traitor of their group…

    Do take note that Thief A and Thief C are the smartest ones on the group since they're the ones planned the robbery

    • Here comes Thief A's scheme •

    Thief A told Thief C that there are cops everywhere, and then he also told him that one of them is a traitor and the purpose of their betrayal is so that they can hog all the money for themselves while others get caught..Thief A told Thief C his plan, he said "I'm gonna lay a trap..I'll tell Thief B that the money was hidden beneath the toilet, I'm gonna tell Thief D that it was hidden under my table, and lastly I'll tell Thief E that I hid it at the car so we could get away faster if the cops find them.."

    But little did Thief C know that Thief A hide 3 fake moneys at the 3 locations because he didn't want to risk the money..

    The sun sets down and night comes up..Police and SWATS decided to postpone their operation (The perfect chance for escape don't you think?)

    Thief A and Thief C check the three locations to see who is the traitor, shockingly all the money in three locations are gone..Thief C said "Bastards! maybe all of them was the traitor"..and then suddenly Thief A said "So you're the traitor Thief C?!"

    ••••••••••Question #1••••••••••
    How did Thief A found out Thief C is the traitor?

    ••••••••••Question #2••••••••••
    Why did he decided to tell Thief C about it first? why not to all the group?

    ••••••••••Question #3••••••••••
    Why didn't Thief C notices his plan long ago?

    Why is there a mentalist in the group?

    ~~~~~~Solve it and then your dream will come true~~~~~~

    P.S: I didn't google this nor heard it from others, I created it just to past time..Hope many will answer this long problem and maybe put it in the video 😀

  23. My favorite riddle is the zombie one, where you have to eat a guy but you turn into a zombie because he ate contaminated food.

  24. On a cold winter's day, Mr. Philip was found dead in his office at the fire station, not everyone was there today, like Janis, who was walking the fire house dog, and Tim, he was get food for dinner, some people were there though, such as Adam, Marcy, and Will. Everyone was a suspect, but those three got the most questions.

    "I was cleaning the fire truck" said Adam "But if you ask me, I think Tom did it, Cheif did win a bet with him not to long ago."

    "I was taking a nap, but if you ask me, I think it was Bruce." said Marcy.

    "Man, I didn't know what happened, but I do have to take the blame out on Janis, how dare she eat MY chocolate pudding in the fridge."

    They suspected that one was lying, but they found out that everyone was listed did work at the fire station.

    Who did it?

    It was Marcy, Bruce was the firehouse dog

  25. Here's a riddle.

    Bella and Andy were driving to a bar before a school exam. The day after the exam, the teacher asked the two, "Why didn't you come to take the exam?" Bella and Andy responded, "The tire went flat." The teacher smiled and responded, "That's okay, I will let you two take the test." And they did, however, the desks were about 10 feet away from each other. They both got the same question. What was the question?

    A ~ Which tire went flat?

    Now, both Bella and Terry are in serious trouble for using an false excuse to get by, the teacher soon finds out there was a murder on school grounds at noon. They find two bodies of boy identified as Nate and Harry. When they both were on a soccer team and there were five witnesses.

    Dave: I was hanging with Steven, we were eating pizza at Pizza Hut.
    Steven: I was hanging with Dave, I had no other plans but to hang with him.
    Rena: I was at home sick.
    Howard: I was in the cafeteria because we eat at noon.
    Gretchen: I was talking to my teacher about something at the time of the murder.

    A~ Rena, if she was home sick, what was she doing at the school.

    Rena's locked up and she was in there with her roommate, Fern. Fern is very quiet, and Rena is very loud. And the two end up loving each other. And when they both get out of prison, they go to a restaurant. She buys Fern an ice cream scoop, but all of the sudden, Fern dies and Rena is horrified. How did she die?

    A~ Fern was killed because she was choked on accident, Rena had a ring and put it her scoop.

    I hope y'all like my riddles!

  26. There's a small house one with only two bedrooms but four people sleep in the bedrooms how?

    Because the beds were fit two people

    This was trash….. I came up with this like as I was typing it…..

  27. I hav a riddle: Max has 3 brothers when you subtract each age you get a prime number. What are eAch brother age? Answer :7,5,2

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