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21 thoughts on “Gene Roddenberry's Utopian Vision versus Alex Kurtzman's Dystopian Star Trek Discovery

  1. Kurtzman/Abrams made Fringe, one of my all time favorite Sci Fi series – it was good because it was original, they didnt corrupt the corpse of a beloved show to cash in on its name. Its not that they CAN'T make good shows, it's that they WON'T.

  2. Well done Major Grin Kurtzman not undrstood Star trek. I Love Deep Space ninne we can see Wars Dark setting bud this is star trek!Evan Star Trek Enterprise is better. Discovery no thanks this is not star trek for me…look to star wars Mandalorian better canon story and more…

  3. All the more reason to believe/hope that discovery and Picard are set in an alternate reality, separate from all the old canon!

  4. "It's made of our shit you know." Great now I can't look back on anything Star Trek and think "There eating recycled shit." That's the final kill that did it for me on future Star Trek.

  5. So this is what? A moment where Major Grin asks:
    “Alexa, define pacifism”?

    This shit is one of the most prolific tropes in all of fiction – especially interactive fiction like video games! But still, “pacifist” does not have to mean “Let people hurt you, just because they’re pointing weapons at you”!

  6. The left can't accept happiness and must cause harm. Everyone is a victim and fighting against a bigger force. This is kind of odd since they believe in Socialism and society can be utopia.

  7. The plot of STD season 3 is basically.. OMG the "bad guys" are trying to get the federation to agree to a mutually beneficial treaty that will promote free trade, so we have to murder them to prevent capitalism!

  8. He's never eaten a real apple so he makes everyone eat ones made out his own shit.
    That's an apt metaphor for this whole sordid mess if I ever heard one.

  9. Come on guys. Kurtzman turned Roddenberrys boring and unrealistic "vision" into something real. Into something that at least feels like something. Discovery still ist the first Star Trek show that doesn't have boredom and predictivenes as a main storyteller. Of course there are some flaws. But every Trek show had these. I've watched whole Voy series during winter with my wife and even that series had contradictory "visions" of what star fleet is or means. In one episode Janeway takes prime directive as the most serious thing ever, but right in the following episode she claims that it should not always be taken too seriously, especially when far away from Alpha quadrant (think it was in season 3, first half circa). And there are also a lot of canonical contradictions if you think about DS9, that doenst make much sense. "Where's Enterprise E" is a seven season question, unanswered, called "Voyager".

  10. Romulan earth war? Doesn’t exist. Klingon earth war? Doesn’t exist. Whole bunch of deaths they refused to look at in the original series. They should know what companies that monitors t.v. and movies would allow back in the mid 20th century to the 21st.

  11. Alex Kurtzman just needs to give it up! His vision of Star Trek (or should I say lack thereof) is a mockery to the vision that Gene Roddenberry had, it actually a complete antithesis of his vision! I can only say that the uniforms they have are the only thing I like and even they were inaccurate, because the starfleet arrow head design that was originally for the Enterprise, wasn’t made fleet wide until the Enterprise returned from her 5 year mission and Admiral Nogura stated that they would adapt it to fleet wide to honor them! (Which Star Trek: Continues showed in their final episode and for all intents was season four of the original series and nicely done along with Axanar and The Romulan War) The fans who did takes on Star Trek did the series justice and kept Gene’s vision alive, while Kurtzman just served us pure, unadulterated trash! Just because he worked with awesome writers and directors, doesn’t mean he has talent or imagination to produce a quality series! Bottom line, Kurtzman has no clue what Star Trek is all about and doesn’t care because he thinks he knows it all and knows nothing!!!!

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