GARY FINDS A 'SCREAMER' | Curse of Oak Island

Steel detection skilled Gary Drayton and Jack Begley scour Lot 15, a significant halfway level between the Swamp and the notorious Oak Island Cash Pit. Gary and …

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18 thoughts on “GARY FINDS A 'SCREAMER' | Curse of Oak Island

  1. So Gary identified the metal end of a harpoon used to bring fish into a boat which had its wooden handle rotted off as a Roman cross bolt arrow. He identified an adjustment knob for a kerosine or whale oil lamp as a oriental coin. He identified a railway spike used in North American railways as part of a ship. So what is he saying in the part we can't hear? Whatever he says is probably wrong. The "money pit" came after the military used the island and it was used by smugglers to hide rum avoiding the custom duties. If the military built the paved area to avoid muddy loading and offloading, then the oxen were likely used to move suitable stones from other parts of the island to create the paved area. The island also had farmers on it who likely used oxen.

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