Garcia Beats Campbell | UFC Fight Island 8 Update | Adesanya vs. Blachowicz | Morning Kombat Ep. 101

The primary MK of 2021 is right here because the boys kick off the close to 12 months with a bang. Luke and Brian recap Ryan Garcia’s emphatic win over Luke Campbell. Is it time for …

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32 thoughts on “Garcia Beats Campbell | UFC Fight Island 8 Update | Adesanya vs. Blachowicz | Morning Kombat Ep. 101

  1. The discussion you guys had about Boxing’s lightweight division was spot on. I think it extends up to 140 lbs and maybe even 147 lbs as well, because I do think Davis and Lopez will inevitably have to move up in weight.

    It seems we’re ultimately getting Haney vs. Garcia next, with no real clear direction of what’s next for Davis or Lopez at the moment. However, I agree with BC it’s a Five Kings situation and I think Shakur Stevenson is the best of the bunch. Awesome show as always fellas!

  2. Didn’t Ryan Garcia get to that many followers because he hung around the Paul brothers?
    I understand the argument Luke, but really picked the wrong corner to back.

  3. Jan is the perfect opponent for Izzy to beat at 205, Izzy is taller and has more reach, has the speed advantage. Izzy also has more dynamic striking and more tools overall, and most importantly Jan is not a great grappler. Izzy would struggle against Jones cuz jones IS taller and has the reach advantage and is a tank of a wrestler with an iron chin, 5rd cardio machine and a very dynamic versatile striker in his own right. I would root for IZZY but I think Jones wrestle fucks him and beats him clearly.

  4. I didn't think Jay's legendary status could have gone up even more, but after that N'Sync performance I guess I was wrong.

  5. BC, I ain't trying to "fat shame", but if you ever wanna eat healthier, and meals that are good and ready to eat after 2 minutes in the microwave, Factor 75, brah.
    Shit changed my life. Used to spend like $30. a day on "food". My body feels better, I feel better, no more bad choices coming home at night cus I'm tired and hungry and want something quick. Or any other ready-to-eat (basically MREs) meal services. I don't care how undefined your jawline is or how fat you are, but your health is the most important thing, especially nowadays where government officials are forcing a "vaccine" on you, but won't take it themselves cus they want everyone who can't get one to get it first. Sure, Cuomo. That's why you aren't taking the "vaccine".

  6. @5:13, Thank You!
    Why the fuck do people nowadays not know what the fuck a bureau is?! Like legit don't know. Uneducated swine. Or even dresser for a more informal word that most should know.
    Damn, woulda liked that bureau. I've legit been looking for weeks/months. I threw mine out in a fit for space, prob OCD. Now for the past year or so my clothes have been in cardboard store boxes on the floor. To make matters worse, there was a flood next door and my boxes were soaked when I came back. Thought it cleared up, only to find months later a box in the back was still soggy with mold!
    Actually, no, roommate clogged the toilet, it went over, and he said he cleaned it up. Months later I found the wet box. Crazy. A clogged toilet, even if you don't flush it, I dunno if it has to be above you only or it can be below, too, but if people flush, your toilet will still go over. You either need to unclog that bitch, or turn off the water until you can unclog it.

  7. I'm so glad BC is his usual self despite that shit from last week! Keep it up boys, the conetnt is much appreciated!

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