GameStop's stock prices rise as Robinhood resumes limited trading

Gamestop’s shares are surging as soon as once more after the stock-trading app Robinhood reversed its determination and allowed restricted buying and selling to renew. It is the newest twist …

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36 thoughts on “GameStop's stock prices rise as Robinhood resumes limited trading

  1. Lol no it didn’t the user was just fine with making tons of money the millionaire and billionaire hate that the people are fighting back

  2. Get your fact right – they didn't pause TRADE they banned BUYING while allowing only SELLING! It's rightdown market manipulation.

  3. The goofy hardhat superiorly taste because mini-skirt classically wrestle until a chilly lightning. malicious, youthful kimberly

    PELOSI knows all about short selling !! They all do a bunch of crooks picking hardworking Americans pockets !!

  5. Billionaires: you never had a chance
    Reddit: because you made a system that only works for a few
    Billionaires: yes exactly

  6. Don’t doll up your BS sweet cheeks, there is nothing complex here. Hedge funds wanted to make a $$hytt ton of money with shorting and got outfoxed by small savvy investors.

  7. It is a lie that this is a threat to retirement accounts! Those hedge funds are speculators who "gamble" all the time, usually with borrowed money!

  8. Yeah but what about people who weren’t reading on margin? What’s the answer to that? It did NOT allow people trading cash to buy into GME!

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  10. Robinhood of 1400: Steals from the rich to give to the poor.
    Robinhood of 2021: Steals from the poor to give to the rich.

  11. RobinHood Is a private company that’s in cahoots with Marvin capital as they’re owned by Citadel. That’s serious collusion and needs to be investigated.

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