GameStop short squeeze pits small investors vs hedge fund short sellers

Shares of GameStop have soared in latest weeks due to help from particular person buyers on Reddit. Regardless of the losses following the opening bell, …

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44 thoughts on “GameStop short squeeze pits small investors vs hedge fund short sellers

  1. When are you fake news people going to start honing in on the criminal actions of both the hedge fund shorters and Robinhood? Hedge Funds did naked shorting of Gamestop which is a crime. They shorted 144% of the stock, which is more than there is stock available. Robinhood manipulated the stock market by only allowing Gamestop shareholders to sell and not buy, to purposefully drive the prices down so that the hedge funds could cover some of their shorts. Where is Presidet Biden? VP Harris? Head of the SEC? Bernie "take on Wall Street" Sanders now???? Silent. Proof that they side with the crooks of wall street who lined their political pockets instead of the voters who voted for them. Hedge fund managers and Robinhood Exec need to go to jail and PAY the Gamestop shareholders for the losses. #GME #WSB #Robinhood

  2. I love how they are looking into "fraud and manipulation". When the stock is shorted and the company is on the brink of bankruptcy due to hedges, that's just fine. No manipulation there, right? Fuck outta here with this. There is no investigation needed. That in itself is fraud and manipulation as that's only being reported to scare people off.

  3. Listen, the hedge arseholes just got spanked, that simple. Nothing illegal has been done just people threatening a game that they didn’t know would cost them … BIG time.

  4. These billionaires want no regulations unless they are made to let them do whatever they like. What they are saying is we must be the one to rob everyone no questions asked unless we tell the SEC.

  5. Unfortunately, I don't think this can be repeated, it was a one-time thing…. It's too late to buy gamestop and other's stock because it's too high and you only make money when you buy low.
    But most important: Wall Street is monitoring Reddit and other forums many times a day, when the next stock to coordinately buy is chosen, Wall Street is going to sell that stock and cut their loses, now that they know this movement is a real threat.
    For that reason, this can't happen again, it was just one time

  6. Wall Street has been doing this for years but now that the "little guy" has done it they are block them from buying.
    I hate this country sometimes.

  7. SCC only cares when the little guy wins against the elites. They didn’t give a damn when this edge funds were short selling & getting rich now they getting beat & going broke so it’s now a problem.

  8. GameStop has never traded at fair market prices. This has been known for decades. Now this might be new to a lot of professional money counters but only invest what you are WILLING to lose. In the history of existance, GameStop has never lost a trade which makes this a very strong expoentially coiled up spring. As the saying goes, the trend is your friend. Now it is your end

  9. The people manipulating the market are the trading companies blocking small traders from buying stocks and the hedge funds pressuring them to do so. And it's illegal.

  10. This is not fair and illegal what they are doing by first not allowing us to buy GME & AMC stocks and now putting limits on buying GME & AMC stocks. How come they don’t put limits on the hedge funds when they are shorting the stocks. They shorted over 140% of GME stocks. There’s needs to be a class action law suit. THIS IS NOT RIGHT !!! We the people need to demand change and do something about this. The Hedge funds and Elites have been ripping us off for so long and this is the last straw. We cannot let them get away with this!!! Demand change and let’s do something about it this time!!! Otherwise they will continues to rip off retail investors. The SEC does not clearly define market manipulation. When the hedge funds manipulate the market by shorting the stocks and make billions off of retail investors; that supposed to be ok and everyone is quiet about it. Now the Elite limit us from buying so they can continue to short the stocks and bring it down. Leave the free market alone and stop limiting buy! We need to start buying in a free and fair market again ASAP. Let's limit the hedge funds from shorting stocks! This really pisses me off !!!

  11. I'm sorry, but there might be no way of avoiding this becoming a long comment.

    The hedge funds who shorted Game Stop seem to not want to follow the rules of their own game. When I take up a position, I take a risk, but they don't want to do that. They want to make money no matter what. I sure wish I could do that. You could say that this is a bunch of people trying to screw over the filthy rich. So what? When you short stocks, you take the risk that they might go up, so suck it up.

    Let me start with the hedge funds. They are the ones going to Janet Yellin, who has already proven herself to be completely in favor of financial authoritarianism, and asking for more regulations. Some have even called it an "attack on wealthy people."

    What if it is? What if the Wall St. elites wanted to somehow kick the little guys out of the market, so they found the companies most popular with retail investers and shorted them on mass to make us all lose our money and not be able to trade as much. They might assume we can't quite figure out how to regrow our accounts, and we hate losing, so maybe we'll just stop trading and get a job.

    That wouldn't be seen as a bunch of people with the wrong motives trying to manipulate the market. Even if it was, it sure wouldn't be viewed as a reason to regulate the market.

    Beyond that though, it shows how richies have this persecution complex when it comes to the lower class and the less wealthy end of the middle class spectrum. Usually, it's harmless, but if it results in them trying to keep us from doing what they do and making money without having to be owned by a boss and work for a huge corporation, then it's a problem. Then, we really are being attacked by the filthy rich, and maybe that would provoke some of us to do things just to fight back, so maybe they are creating a selffullfilling prophesie.

    When it comes to Robinhood, I honestly don't know. I hate what they are doing, but should the government ban it. The government getting involved might have consequences we can't see just yet. That's what kind of bothers me about this.

    He who has the gold makes the rules. This is one of those things that isn't right or good, but it does happen regardless, and so we know that the richest people in this country have a much louder voice with our government than we do, so if regulations are made, we'll either be left out of the discussion, so it may help or hurt us, and just make life a little more difficult, or they might decide we little guys just don't belong and make laws directed at stopping us from making short term proffits in the stock market.

    I get that a lot of us trders do work. We aren't getting rich enough to quit our jobs, but that's always a nice dream for us, and it is possible if we hone our skills and make wise trades. We should have the same rights s the hedge funds.

    We should honestly be allowed to make as many day trades as we want with whatever size account. Maybe just don't let us use margin or something. Either way, the richies like a structure that makes it easy for them.

    That structure involves a few huge companies providing work for us little people, and that's all, no side hustles, no self employment unless the huge corporations can control it, nd definitly no stock trading. What the elites are willing to do is let us take a few of the pennies they give us for working ourselves to death each week and have a trained expert put that money in the market for us. Then, when we're 65, we can take it out and live until we die. That's it.

    People being able to make their own money makes it harder for our bosses to have control over us. If we only make our money from one source, and that company finds that it's better to make the existing workers just work more hours than hire new people, we get a direct order to follow a new schedule, even if we didn't sign up for twelve hour days or six day weeks. We then have to just do what we're told and shutup. If we have other money, we might, depending on our circumstances, be able to tell the boss we won't work the extra hours. In extreme cases, this means being fired, but if we are really good with our side hustle, it could become our main one. This has become true for ride share drivers in many cases.

    Trading stocks is a great way to supplement your income if you develop your skills. Taking a class can help if you take the right one. I am totally blind and like to use my small account to give me some extra. That's the goal anyway.

    I can do just about anything a sighted person can, but many employers wonder if I can do the job to the same standard or at the same pace as other employees. In the world of working for the corporate machine, I just don['t measure up, so even though I do have skills, and I can contribute, according to them, I don't deserve a job unless it's at a sheltered work shop busting my ass all day for literally $4 an hour.

    Trading can give me extra money, so that I don't have to work as much. I can even trade enough to drop the job all together if I want. Even though I can't see the colorful charts, I can read the data used to make them. Yes, this is tetious, but it makes me money, so I'm cool with it.

    I have found that it's something I can do which consistently makes me money, and as I learn to do better, I'll make more. Plus, I enjoy it. I'm not busting my ass. Even though the get rich promises are definitly not true, and I am working to make this money, it isn't really hard work, and it's a much better environment than a job. I have way more freedom, and I don't want a bunch of richies or my government, same thing really, taking that away from me.

  12. So, let me understand what this SEC guy is saying here. He is basically saying that trading needs to be stopped for 10 days because his future employers i.e. hedge funds are hurting and that the poor are actually making money for once for a change. "Why don't the poor invest in the share market?" they said. "Why don't they buy more stocks?" they said. And when the poor come and buy the stocks and invest in the share market, this is what happens. The rich collude to stop it.

  13. The small average mouse pushed against the fat cats with their redistocks and are incontrol. Now the fat cats can't play with their food before they eat it. The little mice are doing well and they don't like it.

  14. This has nothing to do with money for the 99%. The 1% want the rules to be changed because they’ve been humiliated and lost money. When they short the stock and announce it, how is that not collusion in that it reduces market confidence and manipulates the market value. This is only the beginning.

  15. The hedge funds have been shorting GME for years. They wanted to short it to 0 eventually in the hopes of never even having to pay for the stock they shorted because they bankrupted the company All while killing a business and putting thousands more out of work. So they can add more billions of dollars to the pile they don’t want to share with you that they stole from you.

    And are now breaking multiple laws in our “free market” system so they don’t have to pay for their greed and stupidity.

  16. The biggest joke is the narrative that the restrictions of trading targeting the non-hedge investors are somehow "protecting the little guy"

    Absolutely disgusting

  17. A bunch of people bought a stock. And because of that billionaires are losing money. And the working class is making much needed money. It’s beautiful and needs to continue.

  18. Main Street paying Wall Street using the same coin. It’s not about fundamentals of GameStop, it’s an uprising, a rebellion and revenge which will lead to an utopia in financial markets. The show must go on until nefarious wall streeters are decimated.

  19. The power of the Free Market is back in the hands of its rightful owner We The People
    As we have seen how reddit has brought together people and effectively manipulated both AMC and Gamestop stocks, I have come to the conclusion that AS A COLLECTIVE we control when and where the market fluctuates
    We can revive companies that we once loved or still do
    We can shut down companies that don’t have the interest of the consumer at heart
    We can force pharmaceutical companies to lower their price on medications and in turn make insurance companies lower their rates on their policies or both at the same time
    We can eliminate student debt and make for-profit institutions drive down their price of tuition so higher education is more accessible for everyone
    Thanks to the First Amendment, they cannot silence us
    Thanks to the Second Amendment, No military can stop us
    The Government and Corporations no longer control us
    We now control the Government and Corporations
    The founding fathers new exactly how oppression worked and how to eliminate it
    There will be no more kings in the future
    There will be no more suffering financially for the poor, the sick, or the tired
    Ladies and Gentlemen
    Welcome to the New World Order where WE control things
    God’s Illuminati has been and always will be superior to mankind’s Illuminati
    You now have been Enlightened
    God blessed America
    It's time we return that blessing and stop the gears of the Devil together

  20. CNN doesn't understand the strategy!
    The retail investor is squeezing the hedge funds we will win and they will lose.
    We want the yachts.

  21. I believe the something similar is happening with XRP regarding trading suspensions on crypto apps. Ripple has been a new target for the SEC.

  22. They talk about fundamentals. If fundamentals was really a factor then why are the hedge funds shorting the stock so much? Below value. They seem to have a problem when ordinary people start getting money.

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