Future Islands: Tiny Desk (Home) Concert

The Tiny Desk is working from house for the foreseeable future. Introducing NPR Music’s Tiny Desk (house) live shows, bringing you performances from throughout the …

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37 thoughts on “Future Islands: Tiny Desk (Home) Concert

  1. I love their “wall of sound” and “rolling groove” song settings – both retro and relevant! As always, outstanding production, NPR!

  2. These guys are still killing it after all these years!! I have been binging them on spotify all covid-long. . .They are all business!

  3. Such an amazing and unique sound. So much feeling in the vocals as well! I love this band and I can't wait to see them live one day.

  4. balance is such a beautiful song. "but trust me as a friend, that i'll do all that i can do… and i'd do anything for you because i want to see you through" sometimes i'll sing that to myself during my most difficult moments. ya gotta be an encouraging friend to YOURSELF sometimes. i'm so glad they ended the set with that record.

  5. 💜💚😵🎉🌟🌸🎶😎🎸😍😍😍💜💙💚💛💞💥💞💥💞💥💞💥💞
    Oh god, Thanks💞🎸

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