Furniture Price Guide for Roblox Islands

Supplying you with a information to costs within the newest Furnishings replace. As a reminder: Costs instantly after any new launch will probably be larger than what is taken into account honest or …

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38 thoughts on “Furniture Price Guide for Roblox Islands

  1. I bought the well for 500K because a player told me that when I place the well on my island people will come when you publish it

    im not sure if that is true

  2. Dv you remember wen you where playing ialands Rememer the cat robloxmaster59568 that was me I got you once in PVP

  3. when the item you can make on Carpentry bench lights
    is better than the light station……… what the heck man island DEV

  4. I am trying to make the bunk beds but every island I go to price the Purple Hibiscus over 10 mil and I'm just like "I know it's rare but why-"

  5. Bruh can u stop this prices , u said I put them and if people buy them I set the price but don’t forget u are a YouTube and people will buy the things u put on you island , and u are Make the game so bad u know why because u are making the prices higher, stop rowing the game with u prices

  6. Me when I see dv’s furniture price guide : seriously, I thought you were going to do a video on cutlass and also no one care of furniture

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