Full Panel: Trump's Refusal To Concede Divides Republicans | Meet The Press | NBC News

Peter Baker, Geoff Bennett and Leigh Ann Caldwell be a part of the Meet the Press roundtable to debate Republican plans to contest the election outcomes.» Subscribe to …

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29 thoughts on “Full Panel: Trump's Refusal To Concede Divides Republicans | Meet The Press | NBC News

  1. Georgia get a Trump "special". Get the new Covid Sputnik from the
    Novitjok Russian developers! New advertising Russian troll campaing
    "Save the World" and vote Trump for president!

  2. How is America so impotent to be unable to stop #45 & Co in their tracks? What is wrong with the politics of the USA that this sedition can not be handled???

  3. Trump will go from king to Dicky 20ith…..he may get on his knees and bed to be president….but it over..Eric and jr need new beds wit thick cotton sheets

  4. Ted love his king so much….he would jump into a volcano if trump said so…..maybe we can put Ted and trump on a island..give them some beads beads and a grape vine to swing on

  5. Just talk about trumpy’s phone call blatantly tried to pull a rig election but trumpy supporters don’t care if it’s trumpy they will forgive him so in reality it’s not about a voting being rigged it’s all about trumpy losing

  6. Mitch McConnell and all the top Republicans show very clearly what goal they have because that is to keep the working class and small business owners small and instead to grant their millionaire friends tax breaks. The Republican Party does not care about the needs and needs of the majority of the citizens of the USA but only about the high earners who already have millions in their accounts The Top Republicans like Mitch McConnell, Ted Cruz, Kelly Löffler, David Perdue only serve their own personal purpose & wallet and that of their donors. The Rep's are ruthless, evil, unworldly, bigoted and hypocritical. Something has to change otherwise the poor get poorer and the rich get richer. I hope that the Georgia Senate election will give the Democrats a majority so that President-elect Joe Biden & VP-elect Kamala Harris could reset the USA and bring it into a brighter future.

  7. The election was bogus and rigged and America knows it! All the liberal socialists do is put forth evil and will say or do anything . . .these people are horrible.

  8. Donald Trump is definitely Godsend for America and the world to see, how an American tyrant and wannabe dictator, could and can destroy the greatest and most democratic country and the world at large.
    Some say it was ordained.

  9. "Danal mendacious Chump" is the most dangerous American President ever!" He's destroyed the Republican Party and America.

  10. Moscow Mitch IS responsible for everything that is wrong with country. He could have put the brakes on all IQ45's madness.

  11. "he did still get 74 million votes" No, just no. trump got about 740 thousand votes. He benefitted by about 73 million republican votes. Trump knows that once he loses his ability to bully he is effed.


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  15. trump is trying to stay out of jail. Democrats have more class then that. trump was never a good choice for the White House, he has never been stable, he has always been a conman.

    The gop don't care about trump, they want his base and are afraid he will run in 2024; and take the base for himself. But he will be in jail, trump is a sick man mentally and physically. Four years will only make it worse for him.

    The gop like trump are only making fools of themselves, apparently they forget Democrats vote too.

  16. People of Trumpty-Dumpty's ilk have the basic philosophy: "It's never important HOW you win. The only thing that is important is THAT you win!" How can anyone still support this guy. He deems anyone in the GOP who won't fall in line to support his wild claims and subversive acts as a RINO…Republican In Name Only. BUT…in truth…anybody still supporting Trumpty-Dumpty and his anti-democratic schemes is an AINO…American In Name Only!

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