FULL EPISODE: Xavier Saer on his journey of self discovery| Wisdom & Wellness Podcast

Full Episode out there on; apple podcast, spotify, deezer, google podcast This episode, we sit down with Xavier an award successful photographer and musician, …

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41 thoughts on “FULL EPISODE: Xavier Saer on his journey of self discovery| Wisdom & Wellness Podcast

  1. Aaah.. This conversation took me back last year on how much I felt at peace when I started connecting with nature, doing meditations, allowing myself to breath. Learning about lots of spiritual realism, learning to breath. Everything was at ease. Books like 'The monk who sold his Ferrari', 'The 5am club' all by Robin Sharma. The opened my mind and made me understand more of my spirituality. All my senses actually grew but then I lost all the focus this year.

    I guess God is trying to remind again today. What made me focus, what made me to be whole/full and not to worry. Each time I listen these conversations I learn more. So thank you for that Mpoomy.

    My love goes to you and Xivier today. Thank u.

  2. I tried the breathing method and i felt so light afterwards! Reminds me of Tim Hof's breathing method. It has the same effect! Thank you Mpoomy for bringing such an interesting guest🙏🙏🙏 Looking forward to the next guest you will bring! 🤗🤗

  3. So humbled and privileged to receive so much Love from you guys, THANK YOU everyone… breathing session coming soon, Xavier

  4. This is beautiful. It was exactly what I'd hoped it would be. Thank you for sharing this type of content with the masses, making people aware of the fact that it's okay to evolve, to explore ourselves as an individuals, and most importantly not to put God in a box but to just breathe. 🙏🏾

  5. I would really like to learn how to breathe like hey. I tried and immediately felt the sense of calmness.

  6. I agree with him about having an innocent soul means you get to see a lot more to the universe and connect with your spirituality. And as the world shows you it’s messy side you get more jaded and you lose that naïve peace that lives in the small joys of our human experience.

  7. Wow that was amazing podcast sis Mpoomy it has build me so much you such an inspirational person in my life… i can't wait for another podcast

  8. I listened from Google podcast and I really enjoyed it. Let me repeat it again because I can. I am still taken away by the breathing exercises. Xavier is such an amazing soul and he is so humbled.

  9. Awww yes the Japanese breaking concept is called "Wabi-sabi"!♥️

    This was such a great conversation, good work Mrs Mom! ♥️

  10. Thank you for all this Mpoomy. Have been listening to your podcasts whilst driving. Mmmmm . I'm thoroughly enjoying all your material, my heart is full. You're amazing… Love
    from Zim.

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