FPV Flight 109 TBS Discovery Naza Abandoned Renaissance Festival

three years later, A mountain of drone tech enhancements and have a look at this video of the identical place. Appears like I’m within the NEWS!

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26 thoughts on “FPV Flight 109 TBS Discovery Naza Abandoned Renaissance Festival

  1. Some people think just because an owner is not actively using their property, that it should be allowed taken by others who do not pay the owner for it…that is called theft.
    However, for real estate, there are laws which describe certain criteria others can try to fulfill, to legally take properties.
    That's still theft, in context of societies of people getting along with each other peaceably. Individuals still do it. Governments do it.
    Still theft, especially if the owner is not fairly, fully compensated in ALL ways.
    AND, there are Significant differences between urban/city buildings sitting empty while loads of poor and street-people suffer the elements, or city lots sitting vacant while the urban poor starve for decent produce…., and this type very rural area, removed from support systems and necessary developed resources.
    This rural land will eventually [sooner than most realize] return to nature if left alone.
    It takes hardy souls to forge a living in a rural area.
    It would be harsh treatment to put poor people out there…they's be in a food/medicine/shopping/transportation "desert", making their lives more difficult AND costly, than living in cities.
    Rural properties allowed to 'recede to the earth', can still be growing value for the owners, just sitting there…growing trees, wild crops….the owner[s] of this property sure take a financial hit when the buildings deteriorate, but the land still holds it's value. Owners paying their taxes ARE doing their duty as owners, as far as rural land goes.
    It's sad that the owner could not find other uses for what was costly to build…they might need more creative, productive solutions suggested to them.
    Some businesses simply cannot survive the kinds of ups and downs the economy has taken the last 20 years. Ren Faires are not something that keep being popular enough to keep going–the owners took a loss on that venture!.
    But there MIGHT be a number of other endeavors which could use the same buildings and property, even so rural. But that would NOT involve taking it…it might involve buying it or renting it.

  2. me and some friends went here last night, it was so cool seeing it in person and pretty creepy, too. this video helped navigate when there was a fork in the road, so thank you! 😄

  3. I live near this area and as far as I'm concerned if you own the property at your property. Amen for now as long as America is still somewhat America. I think it's cool.

  4. Renaissance here in Michigan I've heard is one of the best, but this ones actually right in the dead of woods! Would really add to the role-play and feel of a renaissance. Too bad I would have defiantly been a client of theirs.

  5. Interesting property, but the music is distracting. When Lindsey isn't shaking her rear end – you can focus on how she plays the violin and you quickly realize that she should never touch a violin ever again.

  6. I get this feeling of being amazed all because its abandoned. I dunno why but it looks so cool for being abandoned. Yes its a shame that its a wasted piece of land and wasted opportunity but hey. Im lovin the look of it all the more since its abandoned.

  7. I live 3 miles west of the place off Route 3 in Fredericksburg, VA… Been here for 12 years and never knew it was there.  

  8. Unfortunately, the property is basically useless. All of the buildings would have to be torn down and the lake drained.

  9. I am a transplant to VA and I can believe that this kind of thing was just walked away from. How cool would it be to restore it and give us a little more interest as a state to vacation in. I know Iknow Busch Gardens, Kings Dominion, Williamsburg. Va beach but this is far cooler. Even for once a year. lol Leopnard, Cooper, Walowitz and Raj would certainly be there. lololol

  10. I went there in 1999. I had just finished my last chemotherapy for Breast Cancer in April and my Sister and I went there to cheer me up. Had a good time.  Very sad it failed

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