Four dead after Trump supporters ransack Congress 🔴 @BBC News live – BBC

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21 thoughts on “Four dead after Trump supporters ransack Congress 🔴 @BBC News live – BBC

  1. First time that the Capitol has been breached okey this since the British Army did it in 1814.

    That says a lot right there.

  2. Does it look like the Police let them in by the entry. The Police were by the entry couldn't see exactly what they were doing but seem like they were in front of the crowd doing something, then the policemen seem to run up the steps, one of the Police pull the other one signal to go, and the crowd all followed behind them up the stairs.
    The crowd and the Police seem to go up the stairs together
    They didn't seem like they wanted to stop the crowd
    They didn't appeared to stop the crowd at the entry.

  3. the real problem it's your voice speak of who? for rich for government , or for yourself for people! the media control by rich they just want u listening to them! that is why u need make voice speak for your self for most of people!

  4. After ANTIFA infiltrated. Every Trump rally has been courteous and positive. This was a planned attack by the left. Typical leftist behavior and strategy. Psychopathic behavior from the left and intent and never punished. It is far too lucrative for the international mafia to ever punish a leftist.
    President Trump is our legally elected President, the best President this country has seen in decades. But our politicians have been threatened, intimated or bribed and are beyond disappointment. A tragedy all the way around!

  5. Trump should start a media empire to rival all news networks, Facebook, Twitter and all social media that stifles free speech. His other project should be to start a viable third party. I’m done with Republicans and I never had any use for Democrats

  6. American billionaires will increase their wealth by an average of 57% in 2020. According to the Federal Reserve, the total net assets of the top 1% of Americans are $34.2 trillion, while the poorest 50% of Americans (about 165 million) are only $2.08 trillion. Social wealth distribution is extremely unfair! So we need to find a fair way of wealth distribution! fix real problem! find real democraticy for people fighting for people!

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