Founder of 'sugar daddy' dating site arrested in Malaysia | ST NEWS NIGHT

Malaysian police have arrested Darren Chan, the founding father of Sugarbook, a “sugar daddy” relationship platform. The relationship platform attracted the eye of the general public …

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37 thoughts on “Founder of 'sugar daddy' dating site arrested in Malaysia | ST NEWS NIGHT

  1. In spite of what is happening, MOH maintains….
    Message from the government to the seniors should perhaps be more gentle. It is at the moment sounded forceful.

  2. Any possibility to acquire better presenters? They sound very robotic. Perhaps they should be trained to smile more & have a better tone.

  3. You see those young women posing with nice clothes, nice bags, travelling all over the world…do you think they are all top notch investment bankers..? Barely 30 years old but can travel to Venice, Switzerland, Iceland etc on monthly basis. Even doctors and lawyers can't afford the time and money to do that.

  4. Despising. No compassion for his deed exploiting those need money to sell flesh. No different from prostitution. Pandemic already a problem n he has to abuse n caused more social problems.

  5. I'm surprised that such a shady website and services are available to young women who are going for sugar daddies and not looking for decent jobs. Shame.

  6. Really like this news in brief by this channel. Not all of us have the time but this helps to start or end our day with news. Thank you.

  7. When Covid-19 invaded Singapore Feb / Mar last year 2020, from imported Wuhan, China, we were told by our Top Leader "DO NOT WEAR A MASK IF YOU ARE HEALTHY", followed by a total 360 degree turn "WEAR A MASK IN PUBLIC AND OBSERVED SOCIAL DISTANCING". Can anyone tell me why should I listen to another potential BS to take the vaccination and yet has to wear a mask, and when local community cases remains almost zero, while the nation still import foreign cases with open arms. I think it's all about business, nothing else. Temasek is a SHAREHOLDER of Pfizer. Singapore leadership should be shameful, if there are any leadership at all.

  8. Bill Gates told CBS News we might need a third shot of a currently available vaccine, or a “modified” vaccine as the virus mutates.
    The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is funding the AstraZeneca, Johnson & Johnson and the Novavax vaccines.

    So it looks like we got to prepare ourselves for the 3rd shots.

  9. ST, can improve the sound quality on Youtube ? It is kind of soft. I can raise my speakers volume but when one of the annoying advertisements kicked in, it is really unpleasant. Thank you.

  10. Yes’ it’s said’ not link with vaccine! But everywhere i heard about side effects with this Covid-19 vaccine even from another countries too. My own sister’s is front liner and get that vaccine she say that her hand feel hot and heavy after 3 days! Also not comfortable with her body..

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