Former Republican Voter After Capitol Riot: I Want No Association With This Party Anymore | NBC News

A former Republican voter speaks to NBC Information’ Maura Barrett about why he left the GOP after the Capitol riot as knowledge from key states reveals hundreds of …

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29 thoughts on “Former Republican Voter After Capitol Riot: I Want No Association With This Party Anymore | NBC News

  1. Left the GOP after 45yrs.(my bad) the first week trump took office. I knew he was going to screw America up, I didn't think it would go as far or get as bad as it did.

  2. I used to vote for the best candidate regardless of party…. but it will be a long time before i vote Republican again 😞

  3. Because conservatives are real republicans not these extremists they scare real republicans and are looked down upon, they think they were fighting with Trump but were only fighting for him laying down their lives

  4. Do you people still don’t get it I mean are we just stupid we voted for Trump because he’s not a politician were sick and tired of politicians because all you people do is drag your filthy feet we want to see results that’s why we voted for Trump because it was something different and gave us some sort of hope

  5. Kind of reminds me of what happened in Berlin with hitler.
    Hitler knew he was done amd he ordered his followers to destroy the city before the Russians came.

    Well trump ordered the destruction of Washington and the capital before the democrats came into power and he was gone. 😂😂

  6. I'd rather the Republicans jumping ship now to join a third party rather than join the Democrats. They'll only taint the Democratic party with their anti women's rights, anti immigration, and religious insanity. They might not be crazy enough for QAnon, but they're still pretty far out there. I should know, I grew up in such a household. My blood relatives held their noses and voted for T****, but they wouldn't go as far as the terrorists did on Jan. 6th. They're still rabid on immigration and don't believe in a woman's right to choose, no matter her circumstances.


  8. What do you want a cookie for parting with TrumpeePOO 💩👿💀
    His voters refused to wear masks and got killed by Covid or he mightve won IF THEY LISTENED TO FAUCI – BUT NOOOOOOOO. THAT'S WHY POOR TRUMPEE LOST
    .ITS A " HOAX" …😂😂😂
    DUMB MFS !!!
    He might've won but they believed all his insane LIES. (20K OVER 4 YEARS )

  9. True Republican don't let them make you live the party 😉 Kick the trumpet out of your party start with green and the followers of 45 that aisle needs to be Cleaned Up ……
    Republican do your Job

  10. FBI the CIA the DEA cops. And secret service all should be the blame for what happened at the DC Capitol building. All these government agencies is racist against minorities and special black Americans okay and that's why they didn't do nothing the rest these majority of white folks

  11. The
    Independent party could become the future party with a chance to eradicate  the unsophisticated behavior on display in the
    grand old party.

  12. The GOP is the white nationalist party for the foreseeable future. That makes them a minority, but a minority that, because of the the Senate, the Electoral college, gerrymandering and voter suppression, punches above its weight.

  13. it when they parrot 'socialism' while waving their medicare, medicade, food stamps. Don't you know the local firemen, police and public schools all classify as socialist

  14. They can't possibly move away from Trump fast enough. They will no longer be a viable party if they continue to follow Trump.

  15. Just imagine if every one of those insurrectionists were foreigners… because..they were. They were not Americans. The flags they were carrying were not American Flags.

  16. senile and his band of misfits will have people begging for President Trump to come back. USA will be in such shambles, only a good business man like President Trump can put it back together

  17. Well, now you see that your enemies are inside your own country. Not outsiders. Here you have the root of your own problems. Not immigrants, or else.

  18. This attack on the capitol is pure evil, despicable and all of those people and Donald Trump are responsible for all of it

  19. … Gee your honor…you see we were just there to roast a couple of marshmallows and drink some hot toddies … When we were looking for 'something' to make a fire with so we could roast those marshmallows, we looked far and wide…when 'out of the blue', we got the idea something must be inside these doors…Well your honor, those silly doors were 'to tight' to open, so we got a little excited and broke our way in through a few windows…After we got in and started looking for something to burn for the fire, we saw a few security type guys…We thought they were just 'joshing' with us as we chased them around…After a while we did find an old lap-top and a podium. Which I think someone just left there, kind of like Halloween candy…Gosh we thought we 'might' offer the lap-top to some old guy who needed one in the former Soviet Union…Gosh we had fun taking pictures and tearing up that old dilapidated building your honor…What's that your honor? Those people who died? Why yes, as near as I can figure, they all conspired to die that day, as you can see it wasn't 'our fault' that they did die…So your honor you can see we were all just as sweet and innocent as Michael Jackson was, sleeping with all those little boys…Just pure innocent fun…So can we all just go home now your honor?…

  20. I cut ties with the party once Trumpy became the president. I could see the writing on the wall!! No drinking the kool aide for me.

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