Forbidden Trackmania Knowledge #1 : A Puzzling Discovery

Hi there everybody, after about 9 months for the reason that discovery I’ve lastly determined to make a video displaying this trick to everybody. I do not know what sort of impression …

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26 thoughts on “Forbidden Trackmania Knowledge #1 : A Puzzling Discovery

  1. just discovered this now for some reason, really interesting video, and the commentary is really nice to listen to aswell!

  2. I am amazed :-O … how did nobody find this long time ago? Its an amazing find! … however I think that any run done on bug abused puzzle map should not be considered legit. This bug basically allows you to do blockmix.

  3. Why would you get banned because you use something the game "allows" without any outside tool? It's just glitch so you shouldnt' get banned, the game should be updated instead xd

  4. hey good job that's a nice trick you have i think it's sad you can't save the wr it looks crazy this solution is elegant

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