For Trump supporters in Biden’s America, what does unity look like? | Nightline

Supporters of former President Donald Trump react to President Biden’s election win and inauguration and what they give thought to the long run. WATCH NIGHTLINE …

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44 thoughts on “For Trump supporters in Biden’s America, what does unity look like? | Nightline

  1. Biden cheated to get elected and ABC news is fake info. Trump supporters out there, you stay out of lies and fake news to be safe.

  2. I loooooove Trump and I’m not even white Demonrats say Trumpers are white supremacist 😧not true he has Blacks Latinos Jews Chinese Japanese etc on his corner Trump is a New Yorker a melting pot city

  3. "Let's remember that we should work together, you know it's sometimes hard to REMEMBER" Joe Biden "Personally I don't like the man." Kamala Harris

  4. The religious guy. Yes your right scripture doesn't judge but guess what humans do. And you as a human are judging people of they do with there life.

    God gave us free will all while this so called man of God wants to take that away from trans and gay people.

  5. There is no unity. The Democrats are telling us do what you're told or be labeled a terrorist. If you're a conservative they want you dead.

  6. Oh so concerning that an openly trans person is in government. Right evangelicals? Just like how your community not that long ago raised cornernes when black people had a place in government. The fact that you can openly say this sort of bigortty on camera and not be shunned by every decent human you meet for the next several years is shocking.

  7. For Trump supporters, national unity looks like this: "We shoot you in the back, and you can run. If you run away, you win, and if you don't, we win."

  8. Lincoln never called for unity when for over four years he held Washington from Confederate traitors breaching the Capitol. He told Grant to hold on to Robert e lees army with a bulldog grip. You don't attack America and expect nice.

  9. Ask Trump supporters what they are willing to compromise on for unity and you will see where the problem of division lies!

  10. The transgender nature of that person has NOTHING to do with their cabinet appointment – it just “offends” Xian beliefs… That is ARBITRARY DISCRIMINATION – the very definition of illegal discrimination!

    This is what evangelicals do. Racist, sexist, illegal discrimination is ALWAYS supported by their religion!

  11. “Scripture” certainly denigrates and separates people as “right from wrong” based on color, right from Genesis as it names Adam and Eve as “non-black” when it names Ham as the progenitor of African people, basically saying everyone else came beforehand and “the flood” generating these people once again in Africa/Kush…

    This was the curse for the “wrong” of Noah. Throughout the Buy-Bull people are segregated by TYPE – as an entire people, regardless of the “right or wrong” of individuals.

    Xian “Scripture” classes EVERYONE as wrong, while only Xians are right!

  12. He won by over 7 million votes the most ever for any a person in any election Biden won fair and square.
    Trump is like a petulant baby throwing a tantrum he had been telling idiots at his rallies if he didn't win the election would be rigged. The obese lazy imbecile who reason for running for president was to boost his failing brand and to hide the fact that he was a failed businessman who's businesses were hemorrhaging money as a billionaire he is a fruad the only billions to his name money he has lost and the money he owes.
    If he does not get punished by impeachment America will never regain any standing in the present they are the laughing stock of the world for eleting a dumb clown who finally got the adoration by the rabble that fellow him that he never got from his father who had to bail him out of all the trouble with his casinos and other businesses that went belly up he nothing but has been reality tv star and 6 time bankrupt businessman who is still a failure and will go down in history as the worst president ever .and the only one to lose the popular vote twice in 4years.

  13. Trans or not she is a qualified person.
    The bible says absolutely nothing about trans individuals because it wasn't an openly discussed topic then. It certainly does not say anything about it's morality.
    It does however say women are lesser than……………. but he wouldn't dare bring that up.

  14. Trump remains a "clear and present danger" to our republic. SENATORS MUST VOTE TO CONVICT TRUMP TO SECURE OUR NATION from this emanate threat, now plotting and recruiting to end our way of governing. WHERE ARE THE SENATORS WHO WILL PROTECT OUR NATION? THIS IS NOT A CHOICE, IT IS A DUTY OF THE SENATE TO DO THE RIGHT THING AND PROTECT THIS NATION AGAINST THIS ENEMY, Donald J. Trump.

  15. You can't have unity between neonazi wannabes and antifa. One group wants to build prison camps and gas chambers for immagrants, the other side wants to defend civil liberties and end the police state.

  16. If Trump was 2 ask his followers # DRINK OR TAKE POISON SURELY THEY WOULDN'T, WOULD THEY?. The ministers if these churches should get something 4 them 2 take & let them know it's 4 Trump, but they will DIE. . Something Really Dramatic HAS 2 B DONE.

  17. ❌Fraudulent president Biden. So sad 😞 now national nightmare is one week old.
    And “devout” Joe Biden is celebrating with more child-killing.
    The president today is expected to announce his repeal of the Mexico City Policy — an important protection first put in place by President Reagan (and improved by President Trump) that prevents American tax dollars from flowing to international organizations that promote and provide abortions. Are you shocked yet? Well you shouldn’t be since Joe Biden is an enemy of life, period. While Biden once held to some semblance of coherency on the life issue, he has since fully sold his soul to the Democratic Party’s War on the Helpless Unborn Baby. Biden’s shamelessness is not only out of touch with his Catholic faith and fellow Catholics, it’s also far outside the mainstream of American public opinion. According to a newly-released Marist Poll, a majority of Republicans (95%), Independents (85%), and even Democrats (55%) are OPPOSED to taxpayer-funded abortion overseas.

    So beyond abortion, let’s review Joe Biden’s now-completed first week in office: A record number of 37 Executive Orders in his first week as president
    Warlike military occupation of D.C. — while our National Guard troops sleep in garages which is shameful.
    Biden Eliminated about 11,000 Keystone XL pipeline jobs (A Democrat ending union jobs!) 
    Biden, Reversed a campaign promise, halting new energy exploration, risking millions of jobs
    Biden, Declared war on science, allowing men in women’s bathrooms and showers.
    Biden, Threatened all womens’ sports by allowing men to participate.
    Biden, Suspended deportation of illegal immigrants convicted of crimes (temporarily halted by a judge).
    Biden, Beat the war drums in Iraq again. Biden, Reignited nuclear arms threats in the Middle East
    Biden, Created “study group” to scheme Court packing.
    Biden, Sided with public school unions to keep schools closed even though the CDC said they are safe. This liberal democrat/Biden agenda is uniting Americans of all races and backgrounds against the “woke” elite trying to bring about a revolution in America.
    The good news? The elite will fail.
    Most Americans are already disgusted. Former President Trump can’t be blamed anymore. The buck stops with incompetent Joe Biden out of touch with main stream America 🇺🇸

  18. you Trumpers astound me, flailing around, grasping at any straw to try to hang on and justify a failed, treasonous party, no matter what. Kind of pathetic, actually.

  19. This is NOT Biden's America. He is just a temporary puppet for a time. AMERICA WILL RISE and WE THE PEOPLE WILL STAND UNITED against the tyrants.

  20. America- fix yourself, crazy ridiculous immature ignorant and so on. You think other countries have problems lol America should not have weapons!!!! Look at the morons that have control of them!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. i have noticed that many of trumps' most vehement supporters, the one's that get in your face and spit scream are the most inarticulate ones, vague hyperbole and stumbling disconnected word salads. They love the simple minded tribal (cultist) rally calls like, 'Lock her(him) up', 'Stop the steal', 'we want trump', 'build the wall', 'Jews will not replace us', etc. The ones that can calmly articulate a point, spout the same empty talking points trump shouts at his rallies with no elaboration that would require facts. The question now is can these aggrieved folks find a replacement motormouth bigot slash stand up act like trump.

  22. Mass riots , burning buildings to the ground throwing molotovs at police who are told to attend but stand down for months on end . All of a sudden police are now crackling down on these antifa scumbags. Has something changed I wonder?

  23. Where do you go from here? Well…biden will fck up the economy of your country. Just check insuline and gasoline prices 🙂 amazing!

  24. 2:19 He didn't say he drank the kool-aid. You said he drank the kool-aid and he did his best to deal with your uncharitable phrasing. I'm as anti-Trump as anyone but I find these types of leading questions manipulative, despicable, and the opposite of fostering unity.

  25. The Evangelicals are full of it. It's amazing that he didn't understand the question about race and the comparison from the LGBTQ community. Listen to him when he says , that Kool Aid drinker about Agent Orange. We Love Him. At least he accepted that he loss the election. A lot of them are people who could be their neighbors. Police officers ,and municipal workers. It's funny he says its not a White thing. When all I see majority in his congregation is Caucasian. The Evangelicals are the radicals of America. They use religion as a weapon. Look at the snow bunny Paula White, how she was chanting some Voodoo Nonsense for Agent Orange to win. It's amazing the hypocrisy is so toxic. In the end. They sieged their God Loving Assess on the Capitol. His policies are more aligned with Pentecostal Conservative theology. That validates my theory about religion and the danger of following these congregations. Bad for America. Keep religion out of their policy. That's what Agent Orange used against them. Their religion ,and some of these fools fell for the okie doke. Using scripture to divide people. Absurd.

  26. The Capitol museum in Washington DC is a bloody deadly voter fraud crime scene and The Congress is Closed and currently under armed Military lockdowns awaiting the voter fraud trials and they trampled through the blood of a United States Air Force vet on January 6th to certify a late fraud vote for Biden while under the control of the fake news media and Big tech trying to silence the voice and media blackout The President of the United States of America 🇺🇸 #warpspeed #spaceforce #TrumpWon

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