FLYING OVER NORWAY (4K UHD) 1HR Ambient Drone Film + Music by Nature Relaxation™ for Stress Relief

REMASTERED VERSION (Enhanced coloration & stabilization) @ | 2019 Sequel, FLYING OVER SCOTLAND …

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38 thoughts on “FLYING OVER NORWAY (4K UHD) 1HR Ambient Drone Film + Music by Nature Relaxation™ for Stress Relief

  1. whenever i am stressed, i play this video.. Immediately I will be in a meditative mode… automatically… what a place… awesome background music… Its true that natural beauty relaxes our mind and rejuvenate our soul… This is the perfect example…Let's Protect Our Mother EARTH… Thank for this video.. all the very best to Nature Relaxation Films.

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  3. This was a wonderful video. It's very realistic, the audio is very good, and it shows the unique and beautiful and rustic locations in Norway. I love these kinds of videos, and this is something that helps people during these stressful times. Thank you for this. 🌺💙

  4. Благодарю за возможность полетать в столь прекрасном уголке Земли !!!!!! ))

  5. @14:29 a glass manufactoring where we bought a blue flower made of glass…. And i saw many beatifull where i was lucky to be… This video make me gussbump

  6. Dear everyone who reads this, we don't know each other but I wish you all the best in life and happiness🙏🏻🍀❤️

  7. Anfangs sehr beeindruckend und gut. Aber dann die Ernüchterung:Ständige Wiederholung der Ausgangsbilder von den Lofoten? Sehr schade, denn Norwegen hat noch viel mehr an schönen Landschaften zu bieten. Warum zeigt Ihr das nicht und zieht den Film mit ständigen Wiederholungen künstlich in die Länge?

  8. Thank you! I study on your videos and gained 80 subscribers in a week. I try to post the best I know every day!🚀✨✨

  9. 25Mbps and does not play on 4K, be careful the vid is set to automatic which means on most cases these films are not playing 4K.

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