Flooding West Coast South Island New Zealand

Extreme flooding between Greymouth and Reefton on the South Island West Coast of New Zealand, Mon 21 Nov 2011, as traditional I managed to return from …

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20 thoughts on “Flooding West Coast South Island New Zealand

  1. Oh no lol a Subaru got stuck! I always trust my Subaru's in deep water sad to see one get stuck! Must be the incompetent driver ๐Ÿ˜›

  2. Hi Geoff
    I'm a West Coaster and I was going to mention a new severe weather event forecast here on Wed, until I had a look at your website and see you are right on to it!.

    I really enjoy your work and I hope you're able to get some footage here if the severe weather eventuates, I will be out amongst it with my cameras for sure.

    Keep up the excellent work, I've really enjoyed your West Coast videos.



  3. looks like that little "what is that? Iseki? we had one but it was a White Iseki and it was grey…" tractor is going somewhere to XD

  4. @Jackle61 Geoff is the master of animal fakery. He got his best friend to dress up in a cat suit and caused a national frenzy with his "big cat sighting" videos. I never said the people, flood or kids were fake, just the dog. Don't bring the kids into this…

  5. Thanks a lot Geoff. I suspect extremes are being created using weather modification technology. In Whangarei the grass is going brown, as it did last year when chemtrail spraying (part of weather modification technologies bag of tricks) became prevalent. See 'Chemtrails Over NZ' at Facebook for more information.

  6. @TheCommanderNZ Being deadly serious. Reminds me of the video where the Alsatian was abseiling into a lava lake with a heat suit on, totally fake! Flooding looks bad though.

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