Flight recorders found after Indonesia plane crash | DW News

Indonesian search groups have positioned the black-box flight recorders of a passenger airplane that crashed into the Java Sea on Saturday. 62 individuals have been on board …

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34 thoughts on “Flight recorders found after Indonesia plane crash | DW News

  1. Our profound condolences and hearts go out to all the families whose loved ones perished in this tragic accident and the entire Indonesia 😢 Wishes for much strength and patience in this time from your Kyrgyzstani brother 🇰🇬

  2. In Indonesia, December – February are the worst rain season in every years. That's why if you look into timeline about airplane crashes in Indonesia, they are between that months

  3. RIP For Sriwijaya Air 😭😭 ❤️❤️❤️ Be happy up there All Sriwijaya Air passenger ❤️❤️😭😭😭😭

  4. Rest in peace to whoever got affected, I hope they got a painless death and were able to say the last messages to each other.

  5. Planes should be redesigned if it falls 1000 ft and breaks a egg it no good . Passengers. Should be put in a tube that is suspended 20 feet in all direction by the softest stuff in the world written January 11 2021 by mike g the inventor.

  6. The man who lost his wife and 3 children. My heart goes out to you. May GOD give you strength and courage to go thru this most painful challenging phrase of your life.

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