Fishing & Spearfishing The Island – Fully Sick or Full Of !!!!

Be a part of Harry, Mitch & Deano as they discover the island fishing and spearfishing, attempting to interrupt Harry’s tiny rod! Please LIKE, COMMENT & SUBSCRIBE!

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30 thoughts on “Fishing & Spearfishing The Island – Fully Sick or Full Of !!!!

  1. First one of your videos Iv'e watched, well done, lots of fun and nicely edited. Cheers for sharing it with us all. Happy New year to you and crew. Dive Safe!

  2. Definitely one of my favourite parts of Australia. I fished Montague for ten years it is just a magic place. Mostly I fished it on my own that is why I never dived there. That poor little seal with a flap of his hide missing. It is one place you need a buddy at all times. The sharks just swim up the seal shit trail looking for something not paying enough attention. Nice feed of fish, even the silver trevs are top eating. Thanks for the memories mate. Ron.

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