FIRST LOOK❗ SHARK WEEK🐋 Discovery Channel Slot Live Play | Bonuses

At Pink Hawk On line casino, FIRST LOOK❗ SHARK WEEK Discovery Channel Slot Reside Play | Bonuses Simply discovered the New Shark Week Discovery Channel Slot, I’ve …

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21 thoughts on “FIRST LOOK❗ SHARK WEEK🐋 Discovery Channel Slot Live Play | Bonuses

  1. Thanks for sharing your experience on Shark Week. I tried it in Vegas and was confused with the timer feature and was manically pressing SPIN for no apparent reason. It didn't end bad however.

  2. Was a little confused about that second slot when you said it was still the shark week slot. What did stars, moon and sun habe to do with sharks? lol. Nice win. Looking forward to playing this one. Thanks for posting and good luck.

  3. Great play really enjoyed this Shark Game never seen it before looks like alot fun..Thax for posting and MANY BLESSINGS TO YA SLOW POKE..

  4. These machines look like fun with all the different bonus features. I liked the 1st bonus with the sharks the best! Can't wait to try'em! Thanks for sharing SP, hope you're having a great evening👍🍀🤗🎇!

  5. We’ve played both versions but really enjoyed Star Magic. The different features really make this game fun! Thanks for sharing your session!

  6. I also watched Random play Shark Week at San Manuel August 7. I learn a lot watching more than one player try a game. For instance, the two of you had different base games. You played Reel Match and Star Magic — he played High Voltage Blackout (I think). The top level Shark games were the same though. When you play Shark Alert, every 4 – 6 minutes you are alerted that sharks are about to arrive – The alert lasts about 78 seconds. You got the wheel bonus – I don't remember Random getting that feature. The wheel can give you progressives if you are playing the max – if not your prize will be credits, or the chance to play one of the games. In your information you tell us that there's a Reel Match feature, Break the Cage, What did the Shark Eat?, Fish Grab, and the Shark Week Wheel. I think Random got to Break the Cage, and I don't remember you having that feature. There are so many games and so many features in these games that I can't keep track of it all. So I won't try. I'll just say I appreciate very much the information in the SHOW MORE section under Game Highlights and both of you do a great job videotaping and explaining these games. And if we ever get this in SoCal, I'm sure I'll enjoy the experience more because of having these previews. Thank you, thank you.

  7. Wish the machines where better to you! I played shark week machines at my local about 6 months ago and had a blast on them!! Thank you once again for the videos!! Have an awesome week!!!😉

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