If you happen to like Fireplace Island, you may love Cherry Grove, Emblem’s new present a couple of group of prosperous lesbians (Scarlett Johansson, Kate McKinnon, Aidy Bryant, Cecily …

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45 thoughts on “Fire Island – SNL

  1. Questions that will forever remain unanswered: Who put that monolith in Utah… What was in Marcellus Wallace's briefcase… Did Beth pack those water socks????

  2. There needs to be more quality lesbian/general wlw content out there that ISN’T just “alluding” to them being a couple and isn’t just about sex. I honestly just want one or two that the conflict IS NOT their sexuality or people going AGAINST their sexuality. I am 16 and I will pay for cable myself to watch more Cherry Grove and I will do whatever it takes to get more movies and TV shows like She-Ra!

  3. "Yep, that's a wolf sanctuary." I'm dead. There is a lot of lesbian drama fr though. It's a lot of…"hey, can I talk to you in private?". And "so Jen says she has feelings for you, but she just got out of a thing, and isn't ready for anything serious right now"…. And a lot of drama over borrowed money. Lesbians borrow and lend more money to eachother than amscot.

  4. Can you imagine the outrage if an openly gay male comedian wrote sketches were he had to kiss impossibly good looking straight actors?

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