FINALE Breakdown! | Star Trek Discovery Season 3 Ep 13 Review SPOILERS

In todays episode I break down Star Trek Discovery Season three Finale! I speak about my likes, dislikes, and share my theories for the remainder of the season! LLAP!

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31 thoughts on “FINALE Breakdown! | Star Trek Discovery Season 3 Ep 13 Review SPOILERS

  1. PLEASE NOTE: I will be getting MORE in-depth with my full season breakdown videos, so if I didnt touch on a topic you thought was important, it will likely get discussed later on! This video was already getting pretty long, so I wanted to pull it short! LLAP!

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  2. This sight use to be full of STD support. Now I see people are starting to see the Truth. That STD is just a soap opera and not worthy of being called Star Trek. People if you are reading this cancel CBS all access. Don't support fake trek.

  3. "It is what it is" – if somebody did a drinking game out of this review, they would die of alcohol poisoning halfway through… 🙂

  4. Also I thought it was a pretty lame explanation for the burn. It was built up to be such a huge mystery and then turned out to be caused by some retarded Kelpian having a hissy fit

  5. Honestly I thought that season one was amazing then season 2 was pretty good and then this season just went downhill heaps. I know it was closer to “classic trek” but in the time we’re living in now the style of tv has changed and I think the first 2 seasons were far more entertaining and exciting

  6. New Captain. Wrong Captain. I'd rather have Tilly because when she acts serious she comes across serious. I like Michael Burnam the character but she doesn't come across as angry when she's supposed to be angry. It won't stop me from watching the next season though. Love the show. Glad the Emerald Chain is no more.

  7. Oh shit, my prediction regarding them getting rid of Saru due to the child was right (comment on your finale predictions video). Ok they didn't kill Saru, but besides that…. Ok, this was a dumb episode again. Especially the hollow interior. So yes, Discovery is hollow, both its scripts and the ship. Besides that it gave Burnham the chance to show again that she is not Captain material: ejecting the warp core without any need before knowing if Book can jump? WTF??? And then a lot of grinning and crying… So yeah s3 ws better than the abysimal previous seasons, but only a bit. So maybe s4 works out.

  8. I loved Saru but he was too much of a hard ass for this time and as the Admiral said they need someone like Burnam in the chair and then Saru as a leader in another position….good choice.

  9. The burn makes perfect sense. SuKal screams at the resonant frequency of Dilitheum and it's amplified on the planet. Also the mutation of SuKal as a fetus is connected to subspace and calls out in the resonant frequency which is also amplified….ok

  10. I know it’s what you’re all about but perhaps next time spend less time guessing and dreaming up your own show and just watch what happens. I really think you will enjoy it more that way.

  11. I think that Doug wants to be more than just a captain and having Sa’ru actually engage with his own species and him being an alien in Kaminar with Su’Kal (and any excuse to make Bill Irwin in everything is good in my book).

    Also discovery has to move on and has to change and having a more TOS feel to the episodes will probably give them an easy time shooting in covid than spiralling seasonal arcs that don’t quite hit the mark

  12. I've been watching season 3 and find it increasingly difficult to finish each episode. I was about 20 minutes into episode 13 and had to turn it off. The huge push for LBGTQ has been a disaster and will end up costing them millions as the fan base dwindles. Nothing wrong with LBGTQ, it just does not mix well with SciFi…….at all. LBGTQ does well with real life reality drama, just not in space.

  13. The issue of the uniform is it feels too much like a Nazi uniform. If you look at German World War 2 Uniform next to the new Discovery uniform. there are some similarities.

  14. The main issue of all these shows are season episode number. They try to do to much in a 13 episode arc. Other than that I enjoyed it.

  15. I really loved this episode; I knew certain things were going to be happening before they did onscreen. The ending makes me want more Star Trek: Discovery. I would say to bring the Emerald Chain to an end Osyrra had to die. Plus the guy in the wheelchair was on the Bridge of Discovery when the Crew was shown in their new uniforms and Michael took Command.

  16. The ending felt very like a traditional Star Trek ending; work to do but all's right in the galaxy.

    I know people are freaking out about the turbolift battle but this has been foreshadowed in Enterprise; The ship that has more room inside than outside with no obvious controls. No controls could be a holographic HUD or programmable matter. I'm not sure what the theory is called about space that isn't there until you need it but I recall it in an Superman comic post-COIE.

  17. I didn't love the finale but as you saud it concluded every plot hole that remained. I like this season, the burn was not my favorite explanation but i'll deal with it. I hope that next season will be even better.

  18. I do appreciate your point of you that you expressed so eloquently, many people feel the same way that this episode was OK perhaps not great, however being an old guy I am very impressed with Discovery overall, considering how tough a crowd Star Trek fans can be in this universe. Thank you 🙂

  19. it was disappointing.
    -the writing seem to be trying so hard to make scenes emotional, but when EVERY SCENE is trying the same thing , it kills the effectiveness.
    -Osyraa resolution was also disappointing, she was an interesting villain, but she died a very "James Bond villain" death
    -i could'nt care much for the action of the crew cuz they never really develop them at all, every eps was so Michael focus. Mike does everything, Everywhere lol!!!
    -Conceptually and plot wise this season was the best, but the way they handled things overall was…meh

  20. I almost feel like the whole turbolift scene was supposed to be inside the Viridian ship, and not on Discovery. For me, it would be fine if that is how the Virdian used their turbolifts like that to cross the expansive hollow area inside the ship. I feel like that was the original idea and they didn’t have time, but already paid for the special effects, so they switched it. I really was taken out of the story by this particular aspect of the episode, more so than when Saru left or the screaming caused the Burn.

    I have to say that I am looking forward to the next season more than any other season of Discovery or even with Picard. I want to see the next season. I want something to happen with the sphere data and with the dilithium planet used as a pawn to rebuild the Federation. I think they should also migrate Saru to be an ambassador for additional planets, beyond just Kaminar, as he has a special history with being from a planet that had a hidden first contact. I think he should be leveraged as an expert in bonding with the species of other planets to convince them to join the Federation, whether for protection, exploration, or advancement.

    But in all honestly, if they ended the show with this last episode, it would have been ok with me. I am glad they decided to go further, but as Ketwolski says, I expected that Burnham would be the captain at the very end of the series, not halfway through, assuming we get 7ish seasons. I actually like the idea of her being captain, especially in this new future that we have no experience with beyond this season. I like the idea of a woman of color as the captain, as well. But I also liked Saru as captain, as it made the show feel slightly less human centric.

  21. I've had (Like many others and critics) Past reservations of Discovery's plot being not adhering to Roddenberry Star Trek, Especially season 1 and parts of season 2. Season 3 though, is greatly improved on the Roddenberry style we all know and love and, importantly as a big fan, encourage that path. And another Amazing change is the harder ties to political points of view, that violence is unnecessary, but that I mean diplomacy comes first regardless of the issue at hand, thus I sincerely enjoyed the effort made to prioritise peacemaking. The characters also developed much more, especially Michael Burnham. Suru as captain also works too, being cut out as captain was a bit of confusion to understanding the shows anchor character building, though, perhaps in fairness I think the reasons this occurred is possibly meant as an open-end for more than we know? Overall I rate the season as a whole 8 out of10 the last episode I rate it 7 out of 10 And the Roddenberry Factor I rate season 3: 9 1/2 out of 10. Finally and very positively for season 3, Tuning into Discovery's flavour of star trek has become easier to follow and understand, plus in the way, it portrays Star Trek's base theme. That really helps explain better, how those who write it and direct it have hinted quite a bit that the fan base matters, seeing these elements so clearly actually gave me Goosebumps. I think discovery can have its place in trek now because the formula of the core values of the Roddenberry's Star Trek can be seen within the story and connect with the Past star trek series, it can only be a Brighter outlook for the show. Fixing the storey structure I can see is slowly happening and that's all I need from the story writers and directors. Let us all be openminded and of course boldly go forward where no trek has gone before.

  22. The Discovery getting swallowed up the Emerald Chain ship reminded me of the Xindi-Aquatic ship swallowing up the NX-01 in Enterprise.

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