Fight Island 7: Holloway vs Kattar – Come Get It | Fight Preview

Preview Saturday’s Battle Island 7 principal occasion between former featherweight champion Max Holloway and rising contender Calvin Kattar. Battle Island 7 kicks off a …

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48 thoughts on “Fight Island 7: Holloway vs Kattar – Come Get It | Fight Preview

  1. Im definitely convinced ufc hired ex wwe editors…cause the promos for the past year have been amazing. These are honestly wwe level promos😂👏

  2. Max is the master of distance fighting.and he moves all the time.Cattar is a heavy puncher..but slow, without footwork,and not so good on distance fight..great fight will be..Holloway is the champ..but he cant win against Australia's big market..ufc needs aussie chams..alot off money there

  3. Let me ask you this?
    Was any of Max’s fights boring or disappointing? Not one..
    The man just loves to fight!
    Just appreciate that..

  4. Is Volk champion only because Hawaii can’t accommodate a UFC title event and money controls a lot in the industry?????

    Just wondering

  5. I don't really get why there isn't a third fight with Volkanovski….
    I don't know anyone that said Volkanovski won besides the judges. The fights were extremely close, exciting and absolutely professional.
    Doesn't make any sense to now make other fights

  6. "If this was highschool" has to be the most cringe way to start any sentence… BLESSED EXPRESS IN FULL EFFECT, GET READY CALVIN.

  7. If Calvin Klein Qatar was good enough he would have defeated Rabbit Magomedicalsherrypov. Rabbit's striking was better and Qatar never came close to hitting the Boston Bomb even when Rabbit got tired. Also due to only the cardio issue which Holloway does not have. Everyone hits hard but not everyone can connect on the Elite. Max Holloway is elite. Qatar will be jabbed and Max will be hard to hit. In return Max will cut crazy angles and keep peppering him with jabs to the head and body throughout the fight.

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