Fight Island 7 Free Fight: Max Holloway vs Anthony Pettis

Max Holloway received the interim featherweight championship in December of 2016 with a formidable efficiency in opposition to Anthony Pettis. Holloway faces Calvin …

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38 thoughts on “Fight Island 7 Free Fight: Max Holloway vs Anthony Pettis

  1. at first glance, it seems odd that pettis gets destroyed by a top featherweight, but then goes on to ko top welterweights like wonderboy. then you start to understand the affect that cutting weight has on your performance. this is a perfect example of why it's smart to compete at your natural weight after the age of about 27.

  2. I love the old announcers the new guys are good but they don't go the voice like this guy he keeps it basic and effiexnt like. Connor hahaha

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  4. Wish Anthony Pettis would go for a last run at the championship before he's too old. He's still got one more good run at getting the strap

  5. Just look at how goddamn smooth Max's feet are. Always balanced, always synced up with his punches, always ready to defend or attack at every step. Pettis' own footwork isn't amazing but it looks even poorer compared to Max here. Max's feints are really organic too. He lands the spinning kick, sees Pettis felt it, fakes the spin again and throws a right hand instead. It's amazing how polished he was at just age 25. And he's only 29 now. The man will have a hell of a career by the time he's done.

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  8. I'm sure Goldie is a nice guy and Joe loves him but gosh he's terrible. Jon Anik is so much more knowledgeable and entertain than him. Don't miss this guys commentary at all.

  9. Honestly we don’t need a crowd I like it better when the fighters can hear the coaches ! It seems to have better knock out and much better fights

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