Feeding the New Snakes we got in 2020!

Go to or textual content “snakediscovery” to 500-500 to get your free 30 day trial! At this time we feed a number of the snakes we acquired in …

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42 thoughts on “Feeding the New Snakes we got in 2020!

  1. I have never seen a snake with no eyes…& I also didn’t know there’s a slim possibility that they can have no eyes. Wow!

  2. I use to watch you all the time.You persuaded me to get my own snake Monty.He is a violet elbino pied ball python.He is a bit pick of a eater but we found out how he to get him to eat.

  3. I seriously hope Alaska continues to feature in videos like Cheyanne XD If ever you were going to have a reptile who could comfortable do some free roaming, it'd be a tegu XD

  4. Does audible just have originals? I hope not, I’m thinking of asking my mom for a subscription. I wanna listen to the warrior cats books.

  5. So many beautiful snakes!! Love the rainbow boa. Any chance of a video on the dwarf localities of boas? (Hog Islands, for example)

  6. when i want to handle my royals i tap 3 times on the rub for a vibrational signal, and when they poke their heads out of hides, i nod 3 times for a visual signal, then they realise the big dude is going to pick them up for cuddles and play time, i don't use the above when feeding

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