Feeding our Infrequently-Seen Snakes!

We now have a number of snakes that are not proven on the channel a lot, just because they do not “match” with what we’re speaking about every day. Since lots of you might have …

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41 thoughts on “Feeding our Infrequently-Seen Snakes!

  1. The few scales around Sunny Side Up's mouth make it look like she has crumbs of food all over her face. We know you've been snacking between meals Sunny, the evidence is on your face!!

  2. I am going to the Manchester reptile expo tomorrow and I can’t wait. Keep up the good content I love you guys channel😀

  3. I knew it! In your last video the tips of your hair were already a little yellowy but I wasn't sure… Now I am!
    Now all three of you are matching 👩🏼🧔🏽🦜💛💚💙

  4. Did any one else notice that Emily also has chyane hair (also a thing with all milk snakes red meets yellow your a dead fellow red meets black your a friend of jack)

  5. I still want to see more of Grace the spider. Is she a hider or is she regularly out and about in her enclosure?

  6. can you feed egg-eating snake normal chicken eggs !!!

    happy new year ,wish you and the lovely snakes happy and healthy year

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