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26 thoughts on “Federation fires at Discovery – Star Trek Discovery 3×13 Outside

  1. Lazy plot armour. I'm all for the hero ship being a bit stronger than its peers but this stretched the credibility. If it was a 32nd century ship I could go along with it but a 900 year old vessel with a 2 week upgrade!

  2. A trivial series, the worst ST series ever .. boring episodes, obvious plots, trivial characters, ridiculous event resolution!

  3. 3:15, I'm disappointed, the arrival of Ni'Var fleet doesn't have the same flare or the same feeling as the one in Star Trek Picard season finale.

  4. I don't understand why the writers had the Ni'Var show up. They weren't needed and didn't do anything. It was one chain ship and a hijacked discovery running away from starfleet.

    If they wanted a reason to have them come they could have made that thing on Kaminar just a ploy to bait the fleet away from HQ while thier fleet moved in to attack. Then the Ni'Var showing up would be saving them.

  5. Those ni'var ships are lowly detaled and are poorly designed how can't have not enough time to just design a ni'var ship then just go and duplicate

  6. How could USS Discovery survive on multiple attacks from over 10 or 20 federation vessels that are 32nd century vessels with "increase firepower" when its only a refit version

  7. how is this considered Trek.
    Kurtzman needs to go. He needs to be dragged out of the building and thrown out on his ass for destroying a franchise i used to enjoy.

  8. So why does the refit Discovery still fire Discovery era phasers instead of the green ones the rest of the fleet are firing??

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