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35 thoughts on “Federation – Emerald Chain Talks End Star Trek: Discovery 3×12

  1. Vance has never heard of the concept of "Amnesty" ? Yes she committed crimes but if thats the biggest stumbling block…

  2. trial!!!! she did come to talk, and try for peace, I like Vance. but I agree with her the past is the past… if she changes then parton her

  3. I find myself missing Georgiou. She would have simply declared that "diplomacy is so slow", slaughtered Osyraa and her thugs, and put their heads on pikes in the HQ atrium while ordering some ensigns to do wall paintings in Orion and Andorian blood!

  4. The negotiation was truly epic, I was surprised at how well Vance did. I just hate having to wait to find out what happens next till the next episode comes out.

  5. great job admiral with the middle person independencey. lets clear the emerald chain. can't wait for the next one. live long and prosper.

  6. My pitch is that she go to prison but a very comfortable prison cell where she can continue to rule her empire and she comes out of prison looking like it reform criminal with everyone thinking that she has changed

  7. Osyraa: 0:53 You’re staring at the past. I just drew you a real map to the future!

    Vance: The past is the only light with which we can SEE the future.

    And just like that, we can see that the Federation is still intact and held firm even during the aftermath of the Burn.
    It gives me chills how well Vance has been written. What a mammoth performance.

  8. I get Vance's rationale but the Federation could never unite with them. Ideologically too different, ruthless practicality vs. enlightened ideals… Hard match.

  9. This would be like the U.S. trying to merge with the Islamic State. The Emerald Chain is fundamentally a crime syndicate! They commits acts of terror, piracy, slavery and exploitation. But that is where all their power comes from. How valuable would they really be if they had to give all those things up? Osyraa just wants to go "legit" because the Chain needs more resources. But any "government" that she helped form would reflect her personal interests more than the good of other people.

  10. Janet Kidder (Osyraa) has her accent all over the place. One moment she sounds American, the next one British. Confusing…

  11. In the original star trek you did not see much of the federation. Only the adventures of the crew of star ship enterprise in space. The federation in discovery looks a bit like well a computer socialist look at the suit the guy is wearing. He does not negotiate but dictate. The womans suit looks like a sm suit. She only needs a whip.😁 it looks like discovery is written for pubic teenagers who are living in their parents basement.

  12. Vance knows that any attempt at a treaty between them would be viewed as ridiculous by any Federation citizen so long as it does not address the many crimes committed by Osyra and the Emerald Chain. His will to compromise is genuine and so is his offer of justice, yet still you can see on Oded's face at the end that he regrets some of his choices during this negotiation, even though he is sure of his approach throughout. He is possibly questioning whether sacrificing some principles would've been worth the many lives that will be lost as a result of these negotiations falling apart.

  13. Quite an interesting episode; we had the diplomatic talks mixed with ‘die hard’ on the discovery. I was expecting the surprise twist to be that an agreement was signed just as Burnham and co liberated the ship and the lie detector to show the admiral was lying.

    Instead we had the villain resort to being dastardly and executing the Andorian.

    Important to note that the emerald chain didn’t kill anyone when they took over the ship but Burnham blew someone out an airlock!

  14. Makes one wonder how many peace treaties have been signed by two people who hate each other, who despise all the other stands for, but recognise the fighting has to stop and are willing to do anything to stop it.

  15. I'm trying to like this show. They don't make it easy. Why do they spend so much time whining, crying and pouting? It's not Star Trek anymore, its just a space soap opera now.

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